W3Schools XML Tutorial

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In this XML tutorial you will learn what XML is and the difference between XML and HTML. You will also learn how to start using XML in your applications. Topics include: XML introduction, XML how to use, XML syntax, XML elements, XML attributes, XML validation, XML browsers, XML viewing, XML CSS display, XML XSL display, XML data islands, XML parser, XML in real life, XML advanced, XML namespaces, XML CDATA, XML encoding, XML server, XML applications, XML http, XML behaviors, XML technologies, XML examples, XML quiz.

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Beginner XML Tutorial

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XML has been becoming more and more popular with each year that passes. In this introductory tutorial on XML, topics covered include a break down of the XML document, with a detailed explanation of each part, as well as individual lessons that focus on the basics of a markup language. Entities, elements, and tags are all examples of what makes up the meat of an XML document. In addition to the language itself, there is a small section that lists the most popular editors on the market today. The XML standard was created by W3C to provide an easy to use and standardized way to store self-describing data.

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CTDP XML tutorial

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Describes XML categories, XML document types and how to create them, the XML DTD, XML elements and attributes along with many examples. It describes a document type definition, what its purpose is and gives an example. Element attributes and process instructions are also covered. This tutorial describes XML uses, XML categories. Markup languages, such as HTML or XML, allow special markup to be embedded with the rest of the text that will enable the program that displays the file to determine how to display the text.

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XML Online Training

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Introduces the fundamentals of XML, including how to read a basic XML document, the XML document structure, and viewing XML source documents. It shows how to build an XML data document, including creating elements and element modes, naming XML objects, and creating declarations and well-formed documents. Building DTDs is explained in detail, along with creating and managing internal, external, and parameter entities. Also includes a detailed discussion of the Document Object Model, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and XSL Style Language.

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