Build XML Data-Driven Web Solutions

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Learn how to build live XML data-driven Web solutions by editing and presenting live XML data on the Web, making the data available for easy, wide consumption. See how you can create Web pages with live views on XML data from a range of data sources including XML data from Office documents, spreadsheets, and XML forms, XML from OLEDB databases, XML Web services, and data from SharePoint lists, and doc libraries. Topics include: XML and Office System 2003 and XML and FrontPage 2003. Written to be viewed with Microsoft PowerPoint.

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XML Peer-to-peer communications

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XML is a critical ingredient in peer-to-peer information sharing schemes, including grid computing, instant messaging, and Web services. In this Adobe PDF article, Anne Zieger explores the cutting-edge efforts intended to create a unified P2P fabric based on adaptations of existing XML technology. The article also provides examples of how XML is making this next generation of information sharing application possible. They will provide samples of application specific code and spell out how this code is supporting core P2P functions.

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