Advanced Live Update Control

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Advanced Live Update Active Control was designed to be as programmer-friendly as possible, by providing features such as no user input to run in the background and event-driven notifications. Feature highlights: Download now is completely API compilation, you won't need additional attachment Microsoft WinSock Control; Supporting proxy server and its checking function; Supporting Resume broken downloads; Perfect status events, makes it convenient for you to write out more friendly interface; Supplying beautiful download progress bar.

  • Cost: Trial/$34.95
  • Version: 2.0
  • Platforms: Windows

CPS OCX Controls

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Campbell Productions is dedicated to providing customers and programmers with quality, inexpensive, and powerful OCX controls for their Visual Basic and Visual C++ IDEs. Products include the popular polyOCX, which provides graphical utilities, screen shots, and a method for changing the shapes of forms. adServerOCX provides developers with an opportunity to advertise through their products. p2pOCX makes peer-to-peer programming easy, efficient, and safe. Downloadable demos for all products, and 24/7 technical support is available.

  • Cost: Varies

Stunnix VBS-Obfus

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Stunnix VBS-Obfus is an advanced professional obfuscator-tool for making VBScript code inside .vbs, .html, .asp, .php, .wsc, and .wsh files unreadable and non-restorable, with advanced GUI (Project Manager) and ActiveX symbols extraction tool. It includes state-of-the-art support for ASP/PHP/SSI fragments embedded inside html code and in any place inside of VBScript code and unique support for easy preparation of code for obfuscation. Source compression mode is also supported. Includes several obfuscation engines for symbol names, strings and integers.

  • Cost: $279.00
  • Version: 2.2
  • Platforms: Windows, Unix, Linux, MacOS X


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TierDeveloper is an object to relational mapping (O/R mapping) code generator that lets you develop extremely high performance.NET applications in record time. TierDeveloper lets you map and generate.NET business and data objects, ASP.NET apps, and Windows Forms apps. With TierDeveloper, cut down your development time by 50 to 70 percent depending on your application. Generate business and data access objects Use your own domain objects and generate persistence code for them Generate ASP.NET and Windows Forms applications Customize existing templates or write new ones with a Template IDE Ensure high performance by generating NCache integrated code.

  • Cost: $395.00+
  • Version: 5.0
  • Platforms: Windows NT/2000/XP


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TurboVB V3.3 is an integrated feature packed add-in tool for Microsoft Visual Basic 6-a major enhancement to the VB IDE. It provides forty one add-ins plus many other functions that provide real productivity gains. It helps to remove some of the repetitive elements in VB programming, this allows you to focus on your more important tasks. The tool is designed to be highly integrated and configurable, to suit your particular requirements. The hours saved by this VB tool will soon add up to days of extra development time.

  • Cost: $150.00
  • Version: 3.3
  • Platforms: Windows

TurboVB Mini Apps

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TurboVB Mini Apps is a set of four tools for programming. The Component Registering Tool allows you to quickly and easily register and unregister components, OCX's and DLL's from windows explorers right click menu. VB Image Extractor extracts the graphics that are stored in.frx Visual Basic files, Recent Projects Controller allows you to control the contents of the Visual Basic Recent Projects Menu and the Pixel Color Tool gives you for the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) value for the current screen pixel.

  • Cost: $29.00
  • Version: 2.1
  • Platforms: Windows


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TurboVBLite V3.3 is a freeware feature packed add-in tool for Microsoft Visual Basic 6, a major enhancement to the VB IDE. It provides 17 add-ins. It helps to remove some of the repetitive elements in VB programming, this allows you to focus on your more important tasks. The hours saved by this VB tool will soon add up to days of extra development time. On how many of your projects have you wished for extra time to fit everything in, TurboVBLite will give you that time. TurboVBLite comes with free support.

  • Cost: Freeware
  • Version: 3.3
  • Platforms: Windows


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Add skin support to your VB6 projects with vbSkinner. You can change the look of your application easily by adding this control to the forms. With vbSkinner Pro for VB6 your project will have a skin system. The forms will have a rounded look, with a new title bar. It is also possible to change the colors and the shape of the forms corners. Visual Basic 6.0 programs can have a distinctive look with this ActiveX control. It can give you the possibility to allow your users to create their own skins.

  • Cost: Free/$15.00-$229.00
  • Version: 1.5
  • Platforms: Windows

Visual Documents

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Visual Documents is a high tech tool for all programmers that will let you design, on a WYSIWYG environment and using the drop a drag method, the documents that you need to print with your projects, that is, You design your document on the editor with any complexity, and Visual Documents will create in one step, in any language and free of royalties, ready to use Source Code to print your documents with professional quality, create source code to fill out printed forms, print quotations, invoices, legal contracts, insurance policies, bids, etc.

  • Cost: $160.00
  • Version: 2.0
  • Platforms: Windows