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Remotely Hosted : Scripts and Programs : Calendars

Online Appointment Scheduler

Visit Online Appointment Scheduler

TimeCenter's Online Appointment Scheduler is one of the fastest ways to accept appointments online. With automatic email and SMS text message reminders, your clients will never miss an appointment again. Features include: Service and Event scheduling for massage, beauty salons, coaching, yoga classes, events, meetings and workshops; Journals; SMS Text messaging for your notifications, customer reminders and promotion messages; Customer database which includes email address, telephone number and more; Instant popularity; Customize with your Logo; Your customers can make, cancel and reschedule their appointments; Security: your information is secured with 128 bit SSL encryption; Promotional tools; and no installation, get started in as quick as 60 seconds. TimeCenter's Appointment Scheduler also includes an area where you can view statistics of your appointments, for example which day you have had the most appointments.

  • Cost: $29.00+/mo
  • Platforms: All
Remotely Hosted : Scripts and Programs : Guestbooks

Free Guestbooks

Visit Free Guestbooks

The free guestbook site is a 100 percent completely free service that remotely hosts guestbooks for web users. The service is 100 percent customizable with one unobtrusive ad and no fees. The service was built with the user and webmaster in mind. This remotely hosted guestbook application was built with a powerful framework and is completely user friendly as well as graphically pleasing. Features include: 100 percent free; Remotely Hosted; One Unobtrusive Ad; CSS Based; 100 percent Customizable; Smilies; User Authentication; Remote Management; WYSIWYG Editor; Premade Styles; Instant Setup; Entry Paging; and IP Banning. To get the guestbook on your website simply register for the guestbook, get your login information from your welcome email, login to their administrative area where you can cut and paste the provided html onto your website, and finally visitors can start signing your guestbook.

  • Cost: Free
  • Platforms: All

Remotely Hosted : Scripts and Programs : Calendars

Trumba Calendar

Visit Trumba Calendar

Trumba is for businesses and organizations who need a better way to easily manage the online communication and promotion of events. Trumba engages website visitors, improves event awareness, and increases event attendance. Trumba's hosted and customizable website calendar can integrate into any site in minutes making your site more useful, increasing event awareness and attendance, and saving development money and time. Fast, easy point and click setup and maintenance empowers webmasters and content managers with instant updates keeping your website visitors connected to your organization. Features: choose from a variety of pre-designed templates, colors, fonts to get any view that you want; mix events from several calendars into one; publish calendar on a unique web page or embed it into an existing page; enable visitors to add event information directly into Outlook, forward events to friends, set SMS event reminders, RSVP, and more.

  • Cost: Trial/$99.95/mo
  • Platforms: All
Remotely Hosted : Scripts and Programs : Calendars

Apointment Scheduling Software

Visit Apointment Scheduling Software

Online scheduling software is a simple program to schedule almost anything online (e.g. tennis courts, employees, appointments, rooms etc). The interface is simple to understand and easy to use. The benefits of scheduling online is that all clients and users are able to view and edit the schedule from any computer with an internet connection. The number of slots, times of the slots, number of days in advance are all easily customizable. For this reason teh software can be customized for a very reasonable cost.

  • Cost: Varies
Remotely Hosted : Scripts and Programs : Calendars


Visit Veraci

Online scheduling software enables organizations of all sizes to schedule employees, resources, meeting rooms, equipment, facilities, events, and more. Intuitive side-by-side calendars and browser based administration make it very easy to use. Easily send email invitations, set up email notifications, track billing for staff and resource time, and customize to meet your needs by adding tabs, fields, and logic. No software to install at all. Unlimited access to your schedules from any computer connected to the Internet.

  • Cost: $49.99 - $69.99/mo
  • Platforms: All
Remotely Hosted : Scripts and Programs : Classified Ads

Hosted Classified Program

Visit Hosted Classified Program

EPage is the world's largest Classified Service ProviderTM, managing over a quarter of all the Internet's classified sites. Join the hundreds of other webmasters who sign up each week for their own site. EPage's free affiliate program allows any webmaster to instantly create a fully customized and co-branded classified and auction site with the categories of their choice. Sites that allow commercial ads receive a share of any revenue received. Features include: Send emails, photos, categories, billing, customizable and plenty more.

  • Cost: Free
Remotely Hosted : Scripts and Programs : Classified Ads

AdsJunction RPC Classifieds

Visit AdsJunction RPC Classifieds

AdsJunction RPC-Classifieds Application is a professional private branded web classified ad program hosted at and distributed for use at publisher sites through remote procedure call (RPC). Includes unlimited categories and listings; Keword search; Web based administration; Integrated payment processing; Key benefits to you: Carry targeted content on your website; Sell advertising space to your visitors; Cross-circulate content with peer publishers; Earn 50 percent revenue share; Easy Plug-in installation.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 9.0
  • Platforms: All
Remotely Hosted : Scripts and Programs : Calendars

Online Web Apps Calendar System

Visit Online Web Apps Calendar System

Allows you to create multiple calendars each with different features and styles. You can choose a predefined styles or customize a prebuilt style to make the calendar look the way you want. You can build your own RSVP forms and attach them to events. The RSVP form results can be sent to an e-mail address. Supports multiple users on one account. Features include: Multiple events on one day; Recurring events; Events that span multiple days. Events can contain the following: Description, Web site, Location, Time, 2 user defined fields, Image.

  • Cost: $14.95+

Ready Bulletin Board

Visit Ready Bulletin Board

This site offers paid and trial ready to go bulletin boards hosted on their servers. You get your own bulletin board on the server. From 1 GB (1024 Megabytes) to 20 GB (20490 Megabytes) of datatraffic per month depending on price. 50 MB diskspace for your database. PHPBB bulletin board software pre-installed. There is no additional charge for boards using this software. Includes a Web based file manager. You don't need any ftp programs. You can easy update your html and/or templates files with the included Web based HTML editor.

  • Cost: Free/$2.49 - $33.32

Reciprocal Link Checker

Visit Reciprocal Link Checker

Surf Web Tips Reciprocal Link Checker allows webmasters to check if their linking partners are in fact continuously linking back to you. If you think you might have disloyal link partners this service can allow you to stay on top of things so that you will continue to benefit from all of your link exchanges. Building link partnerships drives more traffic to your site. But only if they are linking to you. Problems regarding disloyal link partners can easily be solved by Surfwebtips Link Exchange Service. Surf Web Tips Reciprocal Link Checker checks your partners linking to you once a week. They eliminate the need for you to visit all the sites manually and checking each link individually. Let them keep track of all your advertising links, banner ads and text links. A warning email and a 'broken link exchange' repairing instruction can be sent to disloyal link partners. You are notified if they stop linking to your site.

  • Cost: Free

Reciprolink Link Trading Network

Visit Reciprolink Link Trading Network

Reciprolink is a free, web-based reciprocal link trading system. Create an account and design your link directory to match your existing site. Visitors to your site can then automatically add their link to your directory. Any time a link is added to your directory, your link will also be posted to the partner's directory. All directories are hosted by Reciprolink so you don't need to install or manage any software on your server. Choose from over 500 categories of web-sites to trade links with. Sign up now.

  • Cost: Free

Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Visit Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Find a Canadian address given a phone number. Simple "Cut and Paste" html code into your own pages. There are two ways to access the Reverse Phone Number Lookup application: a) By placing the reverse.php webpage in an iframe b) Write your own form-based webpage that would call the scriptreverse.php page passing along the appropriate parameters. Only Canadian phone numbers accepted. Does not work with cell numbers, toll free numbers or unlisted numbers. The Canadian reverse phone number lookup application resides on their servers.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 1.0

Robot Website Builder

Visit Robot Website Builder

Create your own website in minutes and use the online content management system to make changes free of charge. BuildItOnline offers the opportunity to: Build your own website in minutes without any technical experience. Update it as little or as often as you want. Website includes online demonstration, payment areas, faq, newsletters, newsfeeds, and specifications of all ROBOTs available. Ready to use websites complete with standard text that can be edited as often as required. Capable of building Flash websites and dynamic menus.

  • Cost: $25.00 - $500.00/yr

ROI Web Site Traffic

Visit ROI Web Site Traffic

ROI web traffic is an online service for tracking your advertising campaigns on the Internet. Features: Effective system and affordable pricing; Automatic code generation; Convenient and easy-to-use Web interface of admin area with step-by-step wizard for advertisement campaigns; Complete financial reports of different types about return of your investments; Information about your advertisement campaigns will be password protected from unauthorized access or modifications; Export to CSV format; per click, per period, per keyword.

  • Cost: $19.00
  • Version: 1.1
  • Platforms: Windows, Unix, Linux

RSS to JavaScript Converter

Visit RSS to JavaScript Converter

RSS/RDF feeds are are a zero-effort way keep your website fresh, up-to-date and sticky. Feeds are available from numerous publishers covering a wide variety of topics. is a completley free webmaster tool designed to offer cut-and-paste implementation of RSS/RDF feeds into virtually any website or blog. Configuration examples and pre-built feed display templates compliment this RSS/RDF conversion service. Listings of high quality, staff reviewed RSS and RDF feeds are also available.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 2.0


Visit SayBox

SayBox offers shoutboxes to use on your website. Each SayBox can be customised to match the colours and style of your website, and because they're remotely hosted, there's no tricky installation to do, or local bandwidth used-just insert one line of code into your page to get started. Full technical support is given to users, or potential users, of SayBox both before and after they signup if need be. Some of the features include UBBC code, smilies, reserved names, colour customisation in a comprehensive admin panel.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 2

SD Guestbook Service

Visit SD Guestbook Service

Fast setup time, private messages, editing and deletion of posts, limit postings per-page, five different languages to choose from, show/hide IP addresses, enable/disable HTML code, enable/disable emoticons, enable/disable special codes, built-in ICQ and AIM instant messaging, gender field, enable/disable picture uploads (including size limit and dimensions), email notification options for both the guestbook owner and visitors (including custom messages), guestbook style editing, optional password-protected comments and more.

  • Cost: $5.00/mo

Search Vortals

Visit Search Vortals

The Search Vortal technogoloy was started in December 1998 with the goal of providing individualised search technologies for companies at the highest possible technical level. Search Vortals search technology provides end user retention thanks to local index technologies. Their site search offers easy access to your content, which encourages users to stay longer on your portal. You will generate more traffic, make your site more attractive and motivate your users to stick with you. Even if your archive is not available as HTML documents, you can still search the contents and have the results displayed, regardless of whether the information comes from databases or networks. Search results from Search Vortal algorithmic results may be blended with results from your own site and search engines, offering a complete search experience. You also have the ability to add sponsor links which are commercial search results with relevant content.

  • Cost: Free