CGI/Perl Online Training

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This online training course is designed for users who want to create interactive Web pages using CGI and Perl. It covers creating and working with forms, building programs using HTTP headers and SSI, and developing Web applications and utilities. It also discusses how to write data between Web pages and databases, and using SQL with relational databases. Includes skill assessments, practical exercises and simulations for an interactive learning experience. Also optional 24x7 tutor support.

  • Cost: $76.00

Online Perl 5 Reference

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Look up any perl command by typing in the form on this website. Easy tool to find exactly what you are looking for. Its basically an online index to find any function of PERL and how to use it. Perl is perhaps the most widely used language for World Wide Web applications. Its core functionality was originally intended for parsing text-based data and generating results based on these data. It is now more commonly used for WWW applications such as Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programming and processing of data passed through web forms.

  • Cost: Free

Perl Training

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Accelebrate teaches several hands-on, instructor-led CGI scripting with Perl courses, including a five-day course on databse-driven CGI programming and a two-day course on building XML applications with Perl. The and modules are taught. Courses are taught exclusively at client sites for 3-15 attendees and can be customized to the specific needs of the attendees. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Accelebrate welcomes the opportunity to serve clients in the United States, Canada, and worldwide.

  • Cost: Varies