Alpona FTP Manager

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Alpona FTP Manager is the CGI based fully featured FTP client that runs in a web browser. FTP Manager is for a hosting company and webmaster (including site owner) who needs web based access to the FTP servers. Alpona FTP Manager provides web based mechanism that allows the user to manage their server remotely. If you are behind a firewall/Proxy and can't access FTP site, FTP Manager is the right solution for you. Most features of FTP Manager is Create, Rename, Delete files or directory, Edit files in text or GUI editor. Upload Files.

  • Cost: $25.00
  • Version: 2.30
  • Platforms: Windows, Unix


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FileMan is a web-based file manager with an 'AJAXified' user interface that allows for complete management of a website without the need for FTP or Shell access. You can perform tasks such as creating new files using a WYSIWYG html editor, editing existing files, uploading one or multiple files, advanced searches, multi file search and replace, and archive management (create, view, extract.tar files as well as.tar.gz files). FileMan provides you a way to quickly and easily access your website's files and directories through any compatible browser. FileMan also includes a powerful archive management system, allowing you to create, view extract.tar files as well as.tar.gz files.

  • Cost: Free (single-user)/$150 (multi-user)
  • Version: 3.0.0