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DBMan is a full-featured Database Manager that provides a web interface to add, remove, modify or view records in a flat-file ascii database. It supports an advanced user management system, as well as a powerful permissions system. An SQL version is also available. It has a wide range of possible applications, anything from a Links manager to a telephone directory, to a shopping catalog. DBMan is being distributed as shareware. It is free for non-profit, academic or personal use. If you are a for-profit business then there is a one time fee.

  • Cost: Shareware / $100.00
  • Version: 2.05
  • Platforms: Unix, Windows, Mac


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DBMan SQL is a powerful database manager that provides a flexible web interface to manage multiple relational tables with fully customizable template sets. The easy setup wizard helps you create your own database from scratch, or auto-create a configuration file based on an existing table. DBMan SQL also includes a flexible user system that allows you to set user permissions per table and features built-in support for file uploads. Program Core Features: Multiple Database Support; Relational Table Support; Load from Existing Tables.

  • Cost: $350.00
  • Version: 2.1.0
  • Platforms: Unix, Windows, Mac

MySQL Data Manager

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MySQL Data Manager is a multifunctional and multiplatform web based MySQL administration tool for management, development and support of MySQL databases over the Internet or Intranet using web browser based interface. This is a CGI script written in Perl. It uses pure HTML to create the GUI, which provides a complete set of high-level and low-level capabilities. High-level functions allow you to accomplish a lot with a single mouse click while low-level functions let you do precisely what you want. Ability to operate in multi-user environment.

  • Cost: $37.00
  • Version: 1.72
  • Platforms: All

MySQL Table Browser/Manager

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Whether you are a PHP, Perl or Python Developer or simply have a message Board, Guestbook or other MySQL application running on your web server, this application will allow you to quickly and efficiently search through large MySQL tables and find the stuff you're looking for directly in your Web Browser. You can View, search and sort through tables in any MySQL database, Store views, ignore columns and more. To set it up simply unzip the application and upload in ASCII mode to your Webserver. Be sure to set your MySQL pass, DB Name and user.

  • Cost: Free/$25.95
  • Version: 0.3
  • Platforms: *nix


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MySQLMan is a web-based database manager and an essential tool for anyone running a MySQL database. It allows you to perform common maintenance and administration tasks in MySQL. MySQLMan was based off of PHPmyadmin, but written in Perl. MySQLMan allows you to do common tasks like: browse, create, drop databases; browse, search, create, drop, alter tables; import/export data, add/remove/alter table columns, add/remove/alter table keys, create/restore backups and much more. MySQLMan is a free software tool.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 1.09
  • Platforms: Unix, Windows, Mac

SunnyScript's EasyData

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Reliable database engine coming with a fully customizable web-frontend and providing professional features for data retrieval and storage. Suited to host any kind of business related databases, search engines (like this one) and other database-driven applications (e.g. content management tasks) Some of the features: Handles multiple databases at once; category system; unlimited fields; user permissions (access restriction) and moderations; powerful search operations and versatile display settings; record ratings, comments and votings.

  • Cost: $99.00
  • Platforms: Unix, Windows