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Scripts are customized to your exact needs for the type of web site that is being run. A variety of scripting languages are used for custom scripting projects based in CGI-Perl, PHP, Java, Javascript as well as projects that would require a mixture of these languages. Script installation services are also provided for existing or new scripts. Any script can be customized to fit the needs of the web site. Full MySQL database script integration for custom scripts. Script solutions include: match making, auctions, forums, top sites, and tracking.

  • Cost: variable

IT Script Web Development

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IT Script is young but very promising. It aims at fast and thorough fulfillment of clients' software needs. At the moment it is mainly engaged in custom development and technical support of projects varying in complexity and duration. The staff of the company consists of young, gifted, creative specialists. Each has a higher professional education in computer science and at least four-year working experience in commercial software development. This background provides the team with high-skilled handling a variety of projects of any complexity.

  • Cost: $10.00/hr

Kevin Meltzer Consulting

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Kevin Meltzer Consulting is an independent contractor specializing in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl). His goal is to do quality work at a reasonable price, and keep clients satisfied. He can do custom work to your specifications. He has a lot of experience with the full-cycle of development, which covers concept to deployment. He can help you have the website you need, or tools you need to manage your server. He is the author of numerous books including the popular Writing CGI Applications with Perl.

  • Cost: Varies

Progland Perl/CGI Programming

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Progland can customize most Perl scripts to your requirements and can modify most scripts written by other programmers or companies, as long as it is allowed by their copyright documentation. They also create custom scripts. Their programming rates are very competitive, in fact cheap by industry standards. They also provide a Perl script installation service where you pick the script and they do the installation. They can install Perl scripts for Unix or Windows NT servers. All custom script solutions come with full, post-installation support.

  • Cost: $10-15/hr