Coping with Scoping

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In the Beginning every part of your program had access to all the variables in every other part of the program. That turned out to be a problem, so language designers invented local variables, which were visible in only a small part of the program. This article discusses the difference between package variables and lexical variables. Topics include: global variables, lexical variables, local declaration, my declaration, my variable, package declaration, package qualifier, package variable, private variable, scope, use strict vars, and use vars.

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Suffering from Buffering?

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My log file has nothing in it. My output is coming out in the wrong order. When my program terminates abnormally, the output is incomplete. My web server says I didn't send the right headers, but I'm sure I did. I'm trying to send data over the network, but nothing is sent. If this is you, I'm afraid you're probably a victim of buffering. For efficiency, Perl uses a trick called buffering to reduce the amount of system resources it uses. This article will teach you how to get around buffering by flushing or disabling buffering all together.

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