Introduction to PHP w/ MySQL/PostgreSQL

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Open Technology Group's Learning PHP course is the course developers need to learn how to leverage the PHP language and the MySQL database to generate web applications. This course covers the fundamentals of PHP programming, and also covers some advanced features of the language, such as Object Oriented database access, XML, and sending text and HTML email messages. This course teaches students a database engine independent method of accessing databases (using PHP Data Objects (PDO) ). This allows students to develop PHP applications that are portable across database engines, using a single, abstracted interface.

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Only Php

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A directory of links including PHP Scripts, PHP Books, PHP Tutorials, PHP Web Hosting, PHP articles, PHP documentation, and anything else related to the PHP programming language. Specific categories include: PHP Articles, PHP Communities, Complete PHP Scripts, PHP Documentation, Other PHP Resources, PHP Software, PHP Servers, and PHP Web Hosting. Script categories include: Ad Management, Affiliate Programs, Auction Systems, Audio Systems, PHP Blogs, Classified Ads, Commerce Tools, Counters, Date and Time, Education, Email Systems, and Polls.

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PHP Database Scripts

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A number of free php scripts with an emphasis on mysql database scripts. Scripts are added to the site every week. Includes instructions on how to create a table in your MySQL database; An example of a config file; Add, delete, or edit data in a MySQL database; Upload an image to your site; Password protection script; Form mail script; Dynamic dropdown menu populated by MySQL database; Download scripts form; Flexphpnews, a news admin system; FlexPHPic - picture admin system; Data Collector - collect details from a form and store in a CSV file.

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PHP Sector

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PHPSector is a continually growing database of PHP Scripts and resources from around the world. With new content being added on a daily basis, this constantly evolving site offers resources that can satisfy many PHP webmaster needs. Scripts in the database include content management systems, image galleries, ecommerce and shopping cart software, hit counters and customer support and trouble ticket software. Tutorials and other resources currently in the process of being implemented.

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PHPInstalls offers a service which will install your php scripts safely and securely, without the hassles of mysql errors and warnings. PHPInstalls understands not all website owners have the technical know how to install and configure php scripts, but this shouldn't hold you back from utilizing php scripts to automate your site. You will be amazed how cost effective it is to have your scripts installed while avoiding time consuming errors and myaql warnings. After coming to an agreement script installs usually take less than 24 hours.

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Script Garage

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With over 70 categories of PHP Resources, Script Garage is the source for PHP Scripts. Scripts are categorized in sections such as Auctions, Ad Management, Counters, E-commerce, FAQ and Knowledgebase, Error Handling, and Banner Exchange. Other categories include Games and Entertainment, Guestbooks, Search Engines, User Authentication, Usenet Gateways, Portal Systems, Miscellaneous, Postcards, Polls and Voting, Reviews and Ratings, Site Mapping, and Software Repository. Webmasters can add their script site to the database.

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Xtreme Scripts

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Xtreme Scripts is a website devoted to PHP scripting. They offer paid custom php scripts and freeware php scripts. Free PHP scripts listed on the site include: Xtreme Topsites 1.0 (count clicks in, count clicks out, ID tags), Xtreme Polls 1.0, Xtreme News 1.0, Xtreme UsersOnline 1.0, Xtreme Downloads 1.0 (protects against download managers and leechers), Xtreme Tags 1.0 (php tag board). The site also has a script request area so that you can suggest to them more scripts to produce. They also have PHP forums and PHP resource links.

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