At you will find free PHP scripts and php resources. Free PHP scripts listed on the site include: Contact Form 1.0, Daily Pic 1.0, Gallery Generator 1.0, Mailing List 1.0, Random Popup 1.0, Simple Gallery 1,0, Simple Member 1.0, Simple Poll 1.0, Spider Log 1.0, and Simple Referer 1.0. The site also has a script request area so that you can suggest to them more scripts to produce. They also have PHP forums, support forums, programming chat, and PHP resource links.

  • Cost: Free

Accelebrate PHP Training

Visit Accelebrate PHP Training

Accelebrate teaches hands-on, instructor-led PHP training classes for clients worldwide. These classes, which teach either PHP coding skills or using Dreamweaver MX 2004 to generate PHP code, focus on building database-driven Web applications. MySQL is the typical database used as a back-end during the class. All MySQL and PHP training attendees must be fluent in HTML. The course can be customized to any level of programming and relational database familiarity. Includes: Embedding PHP in HTML; Storing and retrieving data; Arrays; Strings.

  • Cost: $1995.00 - $2495.00
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux

Backend Wizard

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Backend Wizard is an online PHP/MySQL code generator tool. Users can upload their MySQL tables and can create scripts working on them using their browser. These scripts can list, insert, update, delete and search rows in their MySQL table, support text input, password input, textarea, select box, radio button, checkbox and file upload type input methods. They can be created and tested free. Users can select two payment options: Pay per download method or time-based unlimited access.

  • Cost: Varies

BCS Engineering

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BCS Engineering believes in developing applications, systems and solutions that are extensible, maintainable, and standards based. BCSE works closely with customers to find a solution that works within budget yet is a professional solution. BCS Engineering specializes in implementing X-cart based ecommerce stores to meet your needs and sell the most requested X-cart modifications and web applications on BCSE's online store. BCSE also specializes in network design, quality of service and network monitoring.

  • Cost: Varies

Cart Mods

Visit Cart Mods

Cart Mods is an online source for shopping cart solutions and services. They provide you with the right shopping cart solution for any size online store, and assist in the customization of the design and modifications to suit your project needs. They offer add-on scripts and software that you can implement into your existing shopping cart for added features and enhancements; also, they provide customized software development and web design solutions. Products include: Custom Top Sellers; Send to Friend; Extra Info Request; and IP Manager.

  • Cost: $19.99 - $89.99
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux

Visit was founded on the very purpose of providing a value added resource to the e-commerce community, especially the php/mysql based X-Cart and LiteCommerce. Many utilities, add-ons, templates and more, to help get you up and off the ground with up to date solutions for either a small time shop or a large firm looking for more custom geared purposes. So whether your a newbie or not, you'll find something useful for you and your online store. Your one stop shop, for X-cart modifications, templates, skins, buttons, and add on's.

  • Cost: Free/$19.99 - $350.00+
  • Platforms: Windows, Unix, Mac, Linux

Coding Ground

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Coding Ground is large database-driven website listing free php scripts, MySQL, PHP coding and other tutorials, ebooks, webmaster tools, and other free resources for webmasters. The sites features also include regularly updated news on webmaster related scripts & resources, links, downloads, a forum where you can seek or offer help, and surveys. The Coding Ground also offers a large encyclopedia containing Internet terms, file extensions, and Internet chatting acronym glossaries.

  • Cost: Free

ELouai Scripts

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A growing resource of php scripts, tips and tutorials. Also includes a few dhtml and javascript code samples. Today in a website a lot of little scripts are used to construct a website. Certain scripts are available for free (they use advertising to offset their costs). Since most webmasters are actively looking for a few simple programs and scripts to enhance their webiste, this little library was created, that over time would become a large repository of scripts, tips and tutorials.

  • Cost: Free

Firetank Software X-Cart Addons

Visit Firetank Software X-Cart Addons

Add over 50 new advanced features to your x-cart admin. Utilize your order history for selling more to existing customers. Understand your customer trends. Includes: Advanced Reports, Advanced emailing capability, track live customers, see search engine keywords used to find your shop, track campaigns, send HTML newsletters. Featured products included: Traffic Monitor, Marketing Manager Professional Bundle, Marketing Manager V2 Standard, Wish List, Reviews, Inventory Viewer add on, Ebay add on module, Newsletter sender and Newslist Control.

  • Cost: $29.95 - $195.95
  • Platforms: Windows, Unix, Mac, Linux


Visit Info4php

All Informations for PHP Programmers. Free scripts, source codes, forums, news, books, and a script directory. Includes PHP, MySQL, HTML manuals, tutorials, references, script site web links, free web template links, PHP freelance job sites, and all PHP programming related things. Free PHP site with a lot of links about php and MySQL. All types of books including: PHP Books, Oracle Books, SQL Server Books, XLM Books, ebXML Books, MySQL Books, CSS Books, JSP Books, J2EE Books, and XSL Books PHP Books.

  • Cost: Free