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Install SiteRefer in minutes and place ready-made text or graphic links anywhere, so that visitors are encouraged to tell their friends and colleagues about your site. You have full control over the appearance and functionality of the installation, thereby enabling visitors to use an attractive and inviting form. Users may refer up to five recipients, optionally adding a personal message. You receive e-mail notifications of all referrals and also have access to a detailed recommendation report.

  • Cost: Free / $12.00
  • Version: 2.0
  • Platforms: Unix, Linux, Windows

STP Tell A Friend

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The STP Tell A Friend allows your website visitors to easily recommend your site to their family and friends. A message is sent out to all friends who are recommended by your visitor(s). Admin can decide how many friends can be emailed at once (up to 10 at once); Admin can edit the message sent out to all friends who are recommended by your visitor(s) within the admin area. This script is a great viral marketing tool, easy to install and customizable by using templates to match your website. Written in PHP and comes with free giveaway rights.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 1.0

Tell A Friend Script

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With this PHP Tell A Friend Script you are able to let visitors recommend your website. Both HTML layout and e-mail layout are template driven and customizable. Includes several security features to prevent abuse by spammers. Features include: Processing form data and send it per e-mail; Full customizable website layout by templates; Full customizable mail content by templates; E-mail message logging feature; Security features against abuse by spammers. Can only be called from a site that has been added to a white list of referring sites.

  • Cost: Free/$15.00