@Card Me PHP Version

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Voice Recorder lets senders record their voice and send an ecard with voice message on it. Auto thumbnail category, HTML template, Switch between 7 languages on the fly, Webmaster can create their own language. Play Flash, Applet, Unique Skin, Emotion icon, Midi, Real Audio, Window Media Audio, and Poem. Send the same card to multiple recipients at once, Send ecard on chosen date, Auto delete old ecard after 15 days. Powerful Admin Control Panel to manage categories, upload or delete image, music files and much more. The admin supports mailist.

  • Cost: $129.99
  • Platforms: All


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Want to offer e-greeting card service similar to BlueMountain.com. ECardMAX is your solution. Many solid features such as: User Account, Address Book, Upload Photo, Calendar, Email Reminder, Card Favorites, Card History, Rich WYSIWYG Editor. Member sign up; sign in; sign out. Play Flash, Java Applet, Unique Skin background, Smilies, Midi, Real Audio, Window Media Audio, and Poem, Voice Recorder, HTML templates, and multiple languages. It can integrate with 2CheckOut.com or PayPal.com to process recurring payment. Allows multiple recipients.

  • Cost: $150.00 - $300.00
  • Platforms: All