Direct Digital Delivery

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Vision.To DDD (Direct Digital Delivery) is a PHP script which allows you to sell your digital goods online. Main features include: Automatic Store-Front; Categories/Keyword/Own Products Filter Search; You can add unlimited Categories/Subcategories; File Delivery with file-streaming option; Store Your files in "NON-PUBLIC" directory; Details Page Includes lot of information about Item/Product; File Downloads Counter; Sends e-mails on download; Sends SMS To Site Owner; Detailed Sales History (Allow/Deny download for each buyer); Headers/Footers.

  • Cost: $69.95 - $149.95
  • Platforms: IIS5

E-Store Kit 1

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Database-driven web application for building fully customizable web store to sell tangibles with various options such as size, color etc. Easy installation, fully customizable design/layout, unlimited categories/subcategories/products, image upload and much more. Using E-Store Kit-1 template-based structure you can easily customize and integrate it into any existing website design/layout. E-Store Kit-1 shopping cart supports different types of payment gateways (merchants) to accept online payments. No programming skills is required.

  • Cost: Trial/$245.00
  • Version: 2.0
  • Platforms: Unix/Linux/Windows

Ecommerce Solutions & PHP Shopping Cart

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Learn how to easily build, edit and maintain an ecommerce online storefront with the original PHP Shopping Cart Software designed with the end user in mind. WebCart is for both small and large businesses alike. Major features: Custom PHP Shopping Cart; Add Your Products; Configure Payments; Set Up Shipping Fees; Promote Your Store; Offer Sale Coupons; Manage Customers; and Online Reports. Other features include: Webcart control panel; Easy setup wizards; Product categories and subcategories; Hosting Included; Product options like size, color, and weight; Multiple option product searching; Automatic store backup routine; Bulk tools for uploading/downloading data; Handling fees (Domestic or International); Packaging fees (based on width, height, depth); Shipping fees (Domestic, Canada or International); Shipping fees configurable by weight or sale amount). Also includes marketing tools, real time reports, and multiple payment methods.

  • Cost: $20.00/mo - $158.00/mo
  • Platforms: FreeBSD, Linux


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ECW-Shop-simple for use featured shopping cart with ability to use MS Excel or MS Access format for database. Users can calculate progressive discount for chosen products list. User can search for keywords and prices. Merchant can prepare list of products for on-line selling by using MS Excel or MS Access, then easy upload prepared database via web-interface Web Server. Admin can specify in config file groups of products, order features, discounts for different price ranges.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 5.5
  • Platforms: Unix, Windows

Fraud Detection X-Cart Module

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Credit card fraud is a growing problem for online merchants. As the merchant, you are liable for fraudulent credit card transactions, as well as charge back fees. MaxMind Credit Card Fraud Detection X-Cart module, makes it possible to easily detect fraudulent orders based on certain characteristics. Easily setup via the X-Cart admin to automatically process all incoming orders, OR use the manual option that is displayed in each order's details to scan suspected orders for fraud before processing the order further.

  • Cost: $79.99


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A robust and highly customizable shopping cart solution for your website. iDEVCart (for Paypal-Payflow Link and Paypal credit card payments) uses Paypal's IPN technology for order processing. Integrated with Canada Post and UPS automated shipping calculation modules. Support for all Paypal currencies. Infinite category system for supreme product organization. Keyword search feature. Coupon code feature allows you to create and offer coupon code discount promotions. Bulk pricing feature: setup quantity and discount offers, for bulk purchasers. Sale/discount price feature. Customer control panel and user management features. Search engine friendly design and page titles which use your product titles. Mailing list subscription feature. Compatible with Dreamweaver/Frontpage visual HTML editing. Add products with ease, each product includes options for: Inventory status, Sales price, Product brand, multiple categories, purchase options, etc.

  • Cost: $44.41
  • Version: 1.07
  • Platforms: All

Interspire Shopping Cart

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Interspire Shopping Cart is e-commerce software that includes everything you need to start, run, promote and profit from your online store. It combines easy-to-customize store designs with marketing tools proven to significantly increase your sales. Includes drag and drop, built in marketing integration with Google Adwords, Yahoo SEM, XHTML / CSS templates, extensive use of AJAX, advanced product variations, 1 click merchant setup, shipping, inventory and much much more.

  • Cost: $295.00+
  • Version: 5.0

IPN Commerce

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Features: Easy Installation Setup, Secure SSL Paypal Communication, Transaction Summary List, Transaction Details, Clear Transaction List, Email Customer, Product Upload, Product Image Upload, Custom Submit Button Upload, Product No-Cost Options, Product Hidden Options, Product Cost Options, Publish All Products in Business Group, Publish Single Product, Display Product as just a Link, Product Preview, Toggle Product Display On or Off, Template Controlled Publishing, Easy Template Edit, and Deliver Product as Email Attachment.

  • Cost: $29.95
  • Version: 2
  • Platforms: Linux/Apache, W2K/IIS


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Shopping cart software fully integrated with the PayPal IPN system, offering ease of use with minimum start-up and running costs together with instant sales notifications. Features include: customisable product store, shopping basket and checkout pages, unlimited products and categories, customer management, order-tracking, shipping charges, sales tax/VAT, minimum order value, multiple currencies, discount vouchers, customer delivery/collection option, customer consignment note, HTML customer newsletter and more. A full suite of reports keeps you in touch with real-time sales and facilitates store management. JPPstore can be integrated into an existing Web site or used as a stand-alone site. Online documentation and support is always available.

  • Cost: $93.75
  • Version: 1.0
  • Platforms: Unix / Linux / Windows / FreeBSD


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SMS Kambi allows users to simply and securely pay via their mobile phone by sending a text message to a premium number. The SMS Kambi application returns a password via a text message, to access website content or services. Users are charged on their mobile phone invoice. This anonymous billing solution, available in more than 13 countries, is a complimentary payment method to dialer and credit card. Can be used by webmasters offering premium content or services and in general services such as online games.

  • Cost: Varies
  • Platforms: All