Counter and Referer Script

Visit Counter and Referer Script

This Counter and Referer Script provides two options. On the one hand you can count the page visits and on the other you can log the extern referers. The page visits can be displayed as image or text. When you log the referer (extern referring pages), you have the overlook about the referring pages and the number of visits from these pages. All data are stored within flat text files, no databases are needed. You can include the counter with SSI and PHP. You are also free to create your own number images.

  • Cost: Varies
  • Version: 1.0
  • Platforms: All


Visit CustomGraphiCount

CustomGraphiCount is a page hit counter that can be customised by means of an easy-to-use control panel to suit any page layout. No configuration of scripts is required - everything is ready to upload and use. The counter consists of four sections - the hit count itself (graphic image), preceded and followed by text blocks and ending with a start date. For example: "This page has received 1687 visits since the 1st May 2002". Any part of the text can be changed or omitted. The count itself can also be changed.

  • Cost: Free/$8.63
  • Version: 1.0
  • Platforms: Unix/Linux

LevelTen Hit Counter

Visit LevelTen Hit Counter

LevelTen Hit Counter provides hundreds of real-time graphical traffic metrics reports can be generated by this free PHP hit counter script. Advanced interactive Flash Reporter tracks virtually every statistic about your site including: page hits, new and unique visitor, page navigation, exits, referrers, search engine and keywords, browsers, OS, monitor settings-can even track PPC, e-mail and offline marketing campaigns. Provides in-depth performance metrics such as bounces, success events, and page and session times.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: v3.15
  • Platforms: All


Visit PHPCounter

PHPCounter is a real time web counter script that can track an unlimited number of pages with one script. Features: View all hits, view list of tracked pages ranked by popularity, get statistics about visitors' browsers, operating systems, countries, referrers, hit days, hit hours. Find out which search strings refer visitors. Text and graphical output and invisible tracking. Can start counting at any number and can automatically rotate logs. Supports CLF and NCSA log formats. Very easy to install.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 7.2
  • Platforms: Windows, Unix/Linux