EzNetEdit Web Based WYSIWYG HTML Editor

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Powerful Web Based WYSIWYG HTML Editor that enhances profitability and productivity in your organization by allowing all employees to author web content without knowing HTML. With ezNetEdit you can build rich HTML web pages, with no knowlege of HTML, or any other technologies. No FTP Clients, expensive WYSIWYG editors, or anything else other than your IE 5.5 or higher browser. ezNetEdit lets non-technical users update a portion of a web page, sometimes more than one portion, without any installed software.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 1.3
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux, BSD


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Flyspeck was built by people who need to let non-technical users just update a portion of a web page, sometimes more than one portion, without any installed software. No database needed The only web-page editing system that allows your users to browse as they ordinarily do and choose to edit. Additional Features: Image Upload and select from your /images dir. Template snippets creatable by you so people keep consistent. Multiple editable chunks in one page (so they don't wreck your layout) Password protection by directory.

  • Cost: $39.95
  • Version: 4.0
  • Platforms: Unix / Linux

Free Content Management

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A Content Management System designed with PHP and MySQL. Can be a complete stand-alone system, or easily integrates into your existing site with built-in file and image uploading. Database usage is limited in this Content Management System for maximum performance. Features include, complete web-based management, WYSIWYG page editor, user management, and ease of setup. Free Content Management is open-source and released under the GPL license. Runs on Windows with IIS or Apache, or on Linux or Unix with Apache.

  • Cost: Free (GPL)
  • Version: 1.1
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux, Unix

Free Online Content Management

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Online web content management is an extremely versitle and flexible content management system. Completely template driven so it can be easily customized. Designed to be used with small to medium personal or business website. Online web content management straight forward content management administration design make this the perfect content management system for just about anyone. Uses PHP and MySQL, super easy to use, even easier to modify and create your own look. Also includes a custom contact form.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 1.01
  • Platforms: Linux, Windows, FreeBSD

HardCore Website Manager

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The HardCore Website Manager is a ready-to-use application, which enables an unlimited number of non-technical users to edit, add, and delete HTML pages, images, documents and other files on their web server through a web browser. Users can browse their way to the web pages they want to change and edit directly in a WYSIWYG HTML editor with a familiar word processor like user interface. The tool is easy to re-brand for web design agencies to resell as a private label solution.

  • Cost: $150.00
  • Version: 5.4
  • Platforms: Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac (OS X)


Visit Inspirations

Inspirations is a very simple message board/gallery that you can add to any website supporting PHP / MySQL. Users can add inspirational poetry, messages, and anything else they want, and it's automatically categorized. E-mail alerts can be sent out when a new post is made or when the administrator approves or rejects a post. The interface is fully customizable by tweaking a stylesheet and by setting a few variables in the configuration file. You have the ability to approve each individual post, remove users, and set user expiration dates.

  • Cost: $5.00
  • Version: 1.5
  • Platforms: All

Interspire DevEdit NX

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Add the world's most powerful cross browser, web based WYSIWYG HTML Editor into your content management system, forum, email application or any other web-based app. Optimized for loading speed, integrates in 5 lines of code, powerful PHP and Javascript API and easy to use. Features an integrated spell checking, table and stylesheet support, color coded syntax highlighting, custom context menu's, editable regions, XHTML output, skins, HTML tag bar, extremely intuitive image and media manager, definable keyboard shortcuts, paste from word and text options, and much much more. See why over 5000 developers use DevEdit in their applications. Try DevEdit NX now and experience true web based WYSIWYG html editing.

  • Cost: $149.00
  • Version: NX.1.0.1
  • Platforms: Windows NT/2000, Linux/UNIX, Mac OS

Interspire WebEdit Professional

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The best online html editor just got better - WebEdit Professional is the only browser based html editor that supports server side code, include tags, spellchecking, Macromedia Dreamweaver style Editable Regions and more. Let your clients maintain their own sites in a secure, fast, web based environment. No HTML or FTP Skills required. Web developers protect your site design and layout. 100 percent Rebrandable. 100 percent Pure script. Website content management at its best.

  • Cost: Varies
  • Version: 5
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux, Unix

Interspire Website Publisher

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Interspire Website Publisher includes everything you need to easily create and maintain a beautiful, flexible website. It is fully-featured content management system software which has been developed by usability experts and includes full SEO Optimization, Drag and Drop Layout Customization, Granular user permissions, and much more. Features include: completely browser based; drag and drop layout customization; fully SEO optimized by experts; Create your own content types; Create lead capture forms easily; Design flexible lists and menus; Built-in image manager; Full WYSIWYG content editing; Multiple user accounts and groups; Flexible allow/deny permissions; Dozens of website templates included; Threaded commenting system; Unlimited sub category support; Batch upload multiple images.

  • Cost: $395.00+
  • Version: 5.0


Visit MyBizContax

MyBizContax is a feature rich web based CRM developed by EyeCreate for businesses who are looking for a solution that will help them manage their projects, accounts, improve customer service and communications. Features: Intuitive Interface design; Searchable Client Database; Administrative and staff access levels; View Active Projects at a glance; WYSIWYG HTML Newsletter; Searchable contact events; Appointment calendar with search feature; Email Invoicing with link to your Paypal account to receive secure payment; Staff Scheduling; Account reporting that also generates an Excel spreadsheet with any specified date range; Track Job Quotes; Installs in just a few minutes. MyBizContax is a full featured, secure, session based application. It helps you to effectively manage your business by tracking invoices, quotes, timesheets and projects.

  • Cost: $99.95
  • Version: 2.0
  • Platforms: All