General : Tools and Utilities


Visit Proxain

Comprehensive proxy solution represents an all-inclusive proxy management system that enables you to search for, analyze and validate proxy servers, create proxy chains, and hook up Internet clients to proxy servers. Get powerful proxy lists to hide and conceal your IP address on the Internet and enjoy private surfing without revealing your personal information. Tunnel all applications and web clients with various protocols including HTTP and SOCKS4 through proxy servers and send e-mail and bulk mail freely without being blocked or discovered.

  • Cost: Trial/$69.00
  • Version: 1.2
  • Platforms: Windows

AutoFTP Premium

Visit AutoFTP Premium

AutoFTP Premium is an automated ftp client with flexible scheduler, transfer manager, and zip/unzip options. Scheduler allows you to define auto-recurring transfers for any future data and time. Transfer manager allows you to select any number of files from a ftp site or your computer for download/upload, and easily define transfer sets. Includes Auto Dial and Connect, Background Mode, Windows File Explorer, Activity log and printing, Support for Wildcard characters, Upload and Download with folder synchronization, and includes an Assistant.

  • Cost: Trial/$95.00
  • Version: 3.9
  • Platforms: Windows
JavaScript : Scripts and Programs : Text Scrolling


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Create advanced presentations or show your vacation photos to your homepage visitors using a JavaScript scroller. CodeThatScroller provides a way to achieve tasks including: creation of the presentations, text or image slides; image slides with or without the comment field; demonstration of the photo albums; creation of the text scrollers; text can be scrolled in any direction; and display huge text fragments without affecting the layout of the page. Includes the ability to set a separate link for each image in the slideshow.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 1.01
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux