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Fixit DMS Pro

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Fixit DMS Pro is a powerful, but simple to use document and file management system. Features - VBScript/ASP-Unlimited folders and files-Version control; Lock files while editing-Allow comments to be left about documents and files-Full user administration-grant/deny access to upload, lock, unlock, delete, create new folders. Full control over which document types you permit to be uploaded-Powerful search, allowing for easy location of documents-Complete control over individual users access to folders.

  • Cost: $64.00
  • Version: 1
  • Platforms: Windows
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The Simplest Ever HTML Tutorial

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9-step free crash course in HTML with no brakes, seatbelts or parachutes passes over some important points in the interest of getting to the objective: learning to create a simple HTML page. There's no history, theory, or even a definition of HTML here. Just let the hands on style of the "Simplest Ever" approach reveal how easy it can be. If you're afraid of learning HTML, let this insultingly easy "Simplest Ever HTML Tutorial" start you off. This very easy HTML tutorial for beginners has easy to follow picture examples.

  • Cost: Free