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C Programming Series

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Online training course containing 3 modules and 30 hours of training material. Learn C programming in 21 days covers C components, writing and debugging programs, pointers, numeric arrays, characters and strings, statements and functions, memory management, variable Scope, manipulating Strings, and using disk files. Skill assessments, exercises and sample files to download. Online tutor also available. Other courses also available in HTML, DHTML, ASP, Flash MX, Flash Actionscript, Java, ColdFusion MX, Visual Basic, JavaScript and XML.

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InRoot Design

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InRoot Design is a multimedia design company committed to excellence. Their services include web design, graphic design, video presentation design, printable media design, and interactive presentation design. Their creative insight mixed with their ability to utilize progressive technology enables them to create multimedia experiences that challenge the mediocre. Their vision is to expand the horizon of traditional multimedia design, enabling them to present their subject matter in a fresh and effective way.

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