General : Tools and Utilities

MySQL Maestro

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MySQL Maestro is a powerful Windows GUI solution for MySQL server administration and database management. MySQL Maestro supports all the latest versions of MySQL, including MySQL 4.1/5.0, and all of the most important MySQL features, including: views; stored procedures and functions; user-definable functions; InnoDB foreign keys; transaction-safe tables; BLOB and TEXT field types; MySQL 4.x user privilege extensions; SSH tunnelling; and many more. A lot of exceptional client-side features are also available.

  • Cost: $129.00+
  • Version: 1.95
  • Platforms: Windows
Remotely Hosted : Scripts and Programs

Opinion Republic

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Opinion Republic allows you to express your opinions and vote for the opinions of others, on virtually any topic. Unlike typical polls, this is a dynamic and ever-changing assessment of public opinion. You can also create your own polls on your own website. Quickly and easily make your own polls and surveys for your website or blog. You can create email polls to send to friends, family, employees, etc. All transactions are processed on a secure server and your private information is never shared with any third party without your consent. The poll results will show percentages as well as a visual graph representing which answers are most popular.

  • Cost: Free
XML : Development Software

MonoPlane Web Designer for .NET

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MonoPlane Web Designer (MWD) is a promising and unique technology for rapid development of XML / XSLT / XPath based websites. This is a website development tool for Microsoft .NET framework. Features: Configurable panel-based site layout; Optimized page rendering to minimize page download time; Built-in website Search engine; Configurable support for templated lists with Paging; Unlimited enhancements via plug-in modules. Achieve a level of separation between content editing, graphics design and programming tasks to get your web project up and running in hours or days, not weeks or months. Use provided generic XSL templates or create your own.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 0.02b
  • Platforms: Windows