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Visit VoiceAlizeR

VoiceAlizeR enables you to post audio messages to your blog or website directly by phone or PC microphone. VoiceAlizeR turns recordings into streaming Flash audio which will play instantly from any webpage-even at 56k speed. There are no annoying pop up windows, extra plug ins or buffering messages to negotiate and you get to choose your own button design and change the colours to match your webpage. Publishing to your site is very simple and can be fully automated with your weblog or if you use a unique overwriteable message.

  • Cost: $36.90+
  • Platforms: All
JavaScript : Web Sites

DHTML Nirvana

Visit DHTML Nirvana

DHTML Nirvana is a DHTML resource site provided by Eddie Traversa. It features free Javascripts, DHTML Tutorials, CSS Tutorials as well as some Macromedia Fireworks Tutorials. DHTML Nirvana, focuses upon the current Web Standards, such as the W3 Document Object Model and SVG and utilizes XHTML. DHTML Nirvana, uses state of the art DHTML with very low code weight and works in all standards based browsers. Netscape 7, IE5, Opera 7, and Mozilla. The site does not support Netscape 4 or browsers incapable of rendering DHTML.

  • Cost: Free
PHP : Scripts and Programs : Miscellaneous

Golden WebSite Combo

Visit Golden WebSite Combo

This release contains following scripts: Golden Login and Administration, Golden GuestBook, Golden NewsLetter, Golden Online Counter Pro. Here they are in one package for much lower price. Plus some features are enchanced with much nicer css style sheets and unified look of the administration panel. Features include: Using the style sheet to format the look of the pages; Administration section based on 'Golden Login'; Subscribe or unsubscribe via small form for the newsletter; Online counter shows the current number of visitors on the site.

  • Cost: $30.00
  • Version: 1.3
  • Platforms: All
PHP : Scripts and Programs : User Management


Visit NeedLock

NeedLock is a powerful and effective tool for protecting your website directories and managing member areas. It uses .htaccess and .htpasswd files to restrict access on a per-directory basis. The script combines a friendly interface with a whole set of necessary features: members control, five admin levels, statistics tool, account expiration facility, log tool, script configuration, registration setup, multi-lingual support etc. NeedLock provides you with the high-grade security, easy and fast installation and operation.

  • Cost: $24.95

STP Members Area Manager

Visit STP Members Area Manager

The STP Members Area Manager allows you to easily manage your members area, protecting all of your digital products from "freebie seekers". This script allows you to accept payment from your clients through either PayPal, ClickBank, 2Checkout, all three or none of them (if you are giving free access to an item-such as free ebooks). The STP Members Area Manager provides a simple solution which allows you to securely sell your digital products for a one-time charge or recurring fee. Written in PHP/MySQL and comes with Unlimited Free Updates.

  • Cost: $79.95
  • Version: 1.0
  • Platforms: Unix, Linux, Windows