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Advanced Affiliate Program Script

Visit Advanced Affiliate Program Script

A Full-Controlled Matrix Affiliate System design to maximize affiliates productivity. The ASP script is available in Access or MS SQL database and includes: multi-level 7 tiers, downline/upline network tree with members details, flat fee commissions, percentage commissions, advanced anti-fraud system, unlimited flash banners, image banners, and text links support, extensive administration tools & reports, manual payments/chargebacks, recurring payments support, email notifications (support CDONTS, ASPMail, and JMail), newsletter features.

  • Cost: $99.00-$340.00
  • Version: 4.1
  • Platforms: Windows NT, XP, 2000, 2003
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Visit is a freeware that allows you to send text sms messages from your PC to mobile phones all over the world. This is the most convenient way to send and receive text SMS messages from your PC. You can set the delivery time of the SMS messages, send Flash SMS or anonymous SMS messages. This is the 'coolest' way on the web to get in contact with your friends and family and receive their text SMS messages while you are at your desktop. To use this software you pay for each SMS message you send. Multiple phonebooks supported.

  • Cost: $1.66-$67.34
  • Version: 1.01
  • Platforms: Windows
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I:BOX Webmail

Visit I:BOX Webmail

I:BOX is a powerful full-featured web-based email system, built for speed and reliability. This full-featured solution allows you to setup an integrated email service similar to many of the large scale online email providers, alternatively use I:BOX as a webmail gateway for any external POP3 accounts. Fully template based and language independent. Their administrator interface allows you to create accounts, change passwords, modify system configuration and send messages to allow accounts. Includes: Email bouncing; WYSIWYG; Unlimited folders.

  • Cost: $174.00
  • Version: 1.0
  • Platforms: *nix, win32