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IP Video Surveillance and Recording

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Monitor your home or business over the Internet with Visual Hindsight-powerful, simple to use, affordable to own. Visual Hindsight is the ideal remote network camera surveillance and recording tool for private or commercial use. Perfect for remote monitoring of convenience stores, gas stations, day care centers, retirement facilities, hospitals, laboratories, commercial property, private homes, and more. Includes Automatic Retention Monitor to control disk space allocation based on user-defined values for maximum file age and total file size.

  • Cost: Trial/$149.00
  • Version:
  • Platforms: Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003
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Firestarter Media

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FireStarter Media Group (FSMG) is a new generation of marketing and design companies that focus on what you, the client want. FireStarter Media Group are dedicated to getting you noticed in an ever growing sea of international businesses. FSMG combine creativity with ease of use, understanding and quality to give you innovative and high performing marketing packages that are rich in media and gets you noticed and more importantly, get you customers. FSMG deals with: web design, graphic design, print design, advertising and much more.

  • Cost: Varies
  • Version: V6
  • Platforms: All