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Flash Optimizer

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Flash Optimizer is a software solution for web-masters, web-designers, Flash professionals and everyone who has ever come in touch with Macromedia Flash technology. It manages to reduce your SWF files size up to 60-70% thanks to amazing algorithms of vectors, shapes, morphing, Z-buffer, fonts and other optimizations. Unlike any other similar software Flash Optimizer manages to optimize not only a separate part of your Flash movie, but the whole SWF, including curves, zero-objects, ZLib optimization and many more advanced Flash techniques.

  • Cost: $176.95
JavaScript : Scripts and Programs : Graphs and Charts


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Compare-the-Graphs is an all JavaScript/DHTML, all-open-Web-standards, cross-browser, 500-pixel by 500-pixel 2-variable function grapher. It features completely adjustible axes and up to 12 simultaneous, re-stackable, in-color function plots. The code is object-oriented, well-documented, extensible and embeddable, free for non-commercial use, and available for commercial use via an inexpensive license. In either case, no warranty express or implied is offered. In this code, true abstract classes bestow unique objects upon concrete classes.

  • Cost: Free for all uses as long as included license is followed.
  • Version: 1.1
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
PHP : Tutorials

An Introduction to PHP

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An introduction to the basics of PHP, including operators, control flow to forms, server variables, cookies and HTTP headers. PHP is a server-side scripting language and interpreter that is available on a wide range of platforms, including some versions of Apache, and Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS). The original program was called Personal Home Page Tools, which is where the initials PHP come from. Some say that PHP is a recursive three letter acronym meaning, PHP Hypertext Pre-processor, others say Pre Hypertext Processor.

  • Cost: Free