General : Directories

Web Host Lookup

Visit Web Host Lookup is a searchable directory of web hosting companies. You can search and find web hosting companies per your preferences such as monthly cost, disk space, bandwidth, features (CGI, PHP, Database, ASP, disk space, bandwidth), etc. Get detailed information about each provider including the hosting plans, hosting platforms and all features they offer. You can sort the search results by price, disk space and bandwith. You can also browse the list of top 10 cheap hosting providers.

  • Cost: Free
General : Tools and Utilities

IP-Country Mapping Database

Visit IP-Country Mapping Database

IP-Country mapping Database can help you identify visitor's geographical location of an IP address. The IP Address to Country Code Database can be used for: Real Time Geo-Locating ( Country ); Redirect based on country; Automatically target advertising by country; Geo targeting for increased sales and click-through; Provide Location Aware Content ( language, currency, etc.); On-line Campaign ( targeted Banner Ads ); Fraud Detection ( Credit Card Fraud, etc. ); Filter non-valuable traffic on basis of originating country; Spam Filtering.

  • Cost: $50.00
JavaScript : Scripts and Programs : Links and Buttons

Bullet Link Script

Visit Bullet Link Script

This unique script dynamically positions a "bullet" image of your choice alongside arbitrary links when the mouse moves over them, "highlighting" them. Simply give the links in question a CSS class name of "ddbullet", and the script handles the rest. Good way to draw attention to specific links on your page. The horizontal and vertical offsets of the bullet image relative to the link can also be modified. The script works in both IE4+ and NS6+, degrading well with the rest as always.

  • Cost: Free
JavaScript : Scripts and Programs : Site Navigation

DD Tab Menu

Visit DD Tab Menu

DD Tab Menu is a standards compliant, 2 level tab menu. Move your mouse over a tab, and additional content appears beneath it. The script uses CSS to control all of its appearance, and plain HTML to implement the entire menu tabs and contents. As a result, customization of the menu content is a breeze, and entire menu is search engine friendly. Easily set which menu tab and content should initially be shown when the page first loads. Script works in IE5+ and NS6+, degrading well with the rest.

  • Cost: Free
JavaScript : Scripts and Programs : Text Scrolling

DHTML Billboard script

Visit DHTML Billboard script

This DHTML script rotates and displays rich HTML messages of your choice, using interesting transitional effects in between messages to catch viewers' attention. Script uses regular DIV tags to contain all the messages you wish to be shown, for ease of customizing them. Additionally, in older browsers (ie: NS4/IE4), you can choose whether the script should hide all of the content or not, since if the later, all of the content is shown all at once (depending on your page design, you may not want this).

  • Cost: Free
Remotely Hosted : Scripts and Programs

SiteHunting Meta Search Engine Script

Visit SiteHunting Meta Search Engine Script

Add a full-featured metasearch engine to your web site for free. Client script is hosted on your site and you are provided with an intuitive wizard-like interface for designing search results appearance. Everything is customizable-from search results layout to font sizes and colors. Features: Superior uncluttered search results; Fully customizable; No banners or pop-ups; Multiple search results formats; No traffic limit; Seamless integration of search engine solution to any on-line environment.

  • Cost: Free