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Red Reservations

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Red Reservations is a small calendar that shows dates that are reserved in red. Comes with an administration module to update reservation dates. You can reserve dates, re-open dates, and preview the calendar from the administration area using mm/dd/yyyy format. Also allows you to reserve a range of dates at once. You can also replace the header, footer and navigation with your own code to match your site's design. This application is unencrypted. You are free to add your own features if you wish. However, they are not responsible for any changes you make that break the functionality of the program.

  • Cost: $40.00

MyCal Personal Events Calendar

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MyCal is a personal events calendar that includes the ability to set recurring events, and view monthly, weekly, and daily calendars. Users login to create their own personal calendar and can receive reminder emails of their personal events. The calendar can be viewed in either a monthly, weekly, or daily format. You, the administrator, have the ability to change the color schemes to fit into your design at will. Note: You can also replace the header, footer and navigation with your own code to match your site's design.

  • Cost: $50.00
ColdFusion : Scripts and Programs : Postcards


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PostEcards is a simple postcard application that allows you to easily add a postcard app to your site. An admin is included to allow you to upload pictures, create categories, etc. Nothing fancy, certainly not Hallmark quality, but a great way to have visitors coming back to your site over and over again. The script allows you to use headers and footers to help match your website design.

  • Cost: $10.00
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ColdFusion Hosting Plans

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Directory of companies offering ColdFusion hosting, with descriptions, prices and user ratings. ColdFusion hosting can be difficult to find as there are far fewer companies that offer this service than there are for hosting non-ColdFusion sites. Stop searching through 1000s of sites looking for hosting companies who support ColdFusion. If you are searching for cheap, affordable, or reliable ColdFusion hosting, ColdFusion Hosting Plans strives to help you find the best ColdFusion hosting company for your site.

  • Cost: Varies
General : Tools and Utilities


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CodeLifter is a source code viewer that lets you see all of the code on any http:// html page, including pages protected by no-right-click scripts, trapped in windows without file menus or url boxes, and referrer pages that cannot be seen in your browser. You can also access .css (cascading style sheet) scripts, external .js files (JavaScript files), and any other text file at an http:// address.

  • Cost: Free/$29.95
  • Version: 5.0
  • Platforms: Windows