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Golden Dragon Computer Studio

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Offering you fast and high quality web programming in PHP with mySQL database support (or text file for data storing). Already available are couple of scripts easy to use with a lot of interesting featurs for login and administration, guestbook or mailing list authoring. Available for creating all sorts of scripts for your web site for yours specific needs. Developing the whole sections of the site or the entire web design and programming for a site. All kinds of arrangements can be made. The job must be done.

  • Cost: $10.00/hr - $15.00/hr
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Golden NewsLetter Pro

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Includes subscribe part that can be added anywhere on the site. Easy to use, works with mySQL database to store subscribers emails and sended letters. After subscribing, script sends welcome email with the subscription info and removal instruction. Built in removal script which can be send with the email. Administration script based on 'Golden Login'. You can change the look of the script through color style sheets, you can change language, create your own and use it. Emails can be send in text or html form which includes all HTML tags.

  • Cost: $20.00
  • Version: 2.2
  • Platforms: All