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Interactive Flash World Map

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A professional-quality interactive map that is the ideal solution for displaying global offices, travel information, dealer locations, or just visualizing country statistics. You can easily customize almost every aspect of the map and they have worked hard to make installation painless. Features include: Pinpoint Locations where you can mark important locations using latitude and longitude; Clickable Map where countries and locations can be links; Click on a state and go to a specific url; Pop-up Information on Mouse-over which allows you to include additional country-specific information such as text, pictures, or other HTML; Smart zooming with an intuitive continent-level approach makes zooming second nature; Easily customizable colors, links, descriptions by editing the included XML file, no Flash knowledge required; You can also resize the map and utilize a transparent background to integrate the map into your site.

  • Cost: Trial / $199.00
  • Platforms: All