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This section introduces you with JAVA. Java is an Object Oriented Programming similar to C++ and Smalltalk. But JAVA is platform independent and follows the principle of WORA (Write Once and Run Anywhere). It is unlike C, C++ which means that you write a JAVA program and compile it only once and run it on any operation system be it Windows, Linux, Solaris etc. This resource is unique in the way that it is actually a wiki that allows anybody to edit the tutorial to help make it better. It includes other topics on Java such as: An overview of Java; Concepts of Object Oriented Programming (OOP); How to setup Java on your PC; Introduction to Applets; Data Tyhpes, Variables, and Arrays; Operators; Control Statements; Packages, classes, and interfaces; Inheritance and polymorphism; Strings; Recursion; Random Numbers; Java IO and file handling; Java Thread and Multithreading; Java Collections; Java Network programming; image, audio, and video.

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