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Order Taking Call Center

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Considered the order taking specialists in the call center services industry because of the company's commitment to order taking specific methodologies and technologies. Orders Direct is proud to deliver order taking and order entry solutions to clients across several channels of marketing, television direct response/infomercials, websites, search engine marketing, radio, direct mail and more. The Orders Direct order taking solution is capable of handling any call volume and any size of product catalog, from a single product to a large catalog.

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PHP Tutorial

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This PHP tutorial introduces web developers to the power of PHP. This tutorial is for those with no PHP experience. Topics covered include variables, arrays, and advanced subjects such as how to process HTML form information with PHP. There are 15+ lessons to take the visitor through the basics in a methodical manner. It is recommended that the visitor do not attempt to plow through the tutorial in one sitting as there are many things to be learned and important information will not be absorbed if the visitor tries to rush through it.

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