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PHP Event Calendar by StivaSoft

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PHP Event Calendar script is a PHP/MySQL based calendar script which can be used to show events online. The PHP Event Calendar is a highly customizable event calendar widget suitable for any website, which is very easy to use by administrators and intuitive for website visitors. It's a piece of cake to integrate the PHP calendar code into any web page using just one simple line of JavaScript code. The event calendar is a great addition for any website where events need to be shown and managed. It can be used by users who are unfamiliar with PHP coding, as well as being offered on the market with full PHP source codes under a Developer Licence.

  • Cost: $29.00
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Post Comment Script by StivaSoft

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Having the script on your website you can let your website visitors post their comments on different topics. You will have control over the appearance of the comments box as well as other options. There is an installation script which will automatically install the Post Comment script for you. Once you install the script all you have to do is to login your administration area. HTML code will be generated and you should put it on your web page where the comments box should be. Post Comment uses database to store all comments posted on your website. When you put a small JavaScript code on your web page it reads these comments and show them on your web page. No programming skills needed. Post Comment will do it all for you. It cannot be simpler.

  • Cost: $25.00