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3D Environment

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The 3DEnvironment is a Flash component that allows you to build 3D interactive interfaces and environments in Flash. Built-in depth and perspective effects create the illusion of three dimensions. Customizable controls and full keyboard and mouse interactivity enable movement and rotation of the environment. Use simple graphic or movie clip symbols as well as external objects and animated movie clips. Requires no 3D modeling. Features: Create realistic 3D environments with depth and perspective; Build unique interactive interfaces; Custom keyboard controls for users to navigate around the 3D environment; Mouse wheel support for navigation; Move objects in the environment with built-in tweening and customizable tween duration; Rotate the world around all three axes (x, y and z); Camera controls for panning and zooming to change the perspective on the environment Add objects through an intuitive user interface, or external XML file.

  • Cost: $59.95
  • Platforms: All

FLV Player

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FlvPlayerPRO is a fully skinnable and customizable set of 3 Flash video player components. Includes full flexibility to play FLV files, create playlists, and automatic progressive download. The 3 components include of an FLV player with a pre-built skinnable control panel (flvPlayerPRO), a plain FLV player which allows you to use individual controls (flvDisplayPRO), and a separate playlist component (flvPlaylistPRO). Includes XML support. The flvPlayerPRO-Stream has the same features as the flvPlayerPRO with the additional option to stream FLV movies that are hosted on a streaming server. Features: Fully skinnable background and controls; Includes auto scrollable playlist component with thumbnails; Progressively downloads based on user's connection speed; Stream FLV videos from streaming servers (flvPlayerPRO-Stream only); Feed playlist and main parameters through XML; Zoom and pan controls; Displays titles, descriptions, running time.

  • Cost: $59.95 - $79.95

Flash Guest Book

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The flashGuestbook component is a highly flexible system for recording feedback and comments from visitors to your websites. The component is deployed on the server side using PHP and MySQL with the resulting messages displayed within the Flash movie. Entries can be moderated and manually approved using the backend admin panel. Features: 18 built-in standard fields such as name, address, gender, age, email, etc, and 5 custom fields; Validation for required fields as well as email and url syntax validation; Built-in search capabilities Web based moderation panel; Moderator can choose to receive email notification when new messages are posted; Powered by MySQL database; Fully customizable look (fonts, colors, layout, spacing, etc.); Option to use Flash UI components or the Bit Component Set; Works with TextFields, TextAreas, Checkboxes, RadioButtons, ComboBoxes, Lists, NumericSteppers and DateFields. Automatic pagination.

  • Cost: $44.95
  • Platforms: All