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Video Embed Script

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With this full featured php video embed script you can add videos from any website to your own video website. You do not need to host the videos, which is extremly expensive, due to high space and bandwidth usage of videos. All you need is the video embed code and a thumbnail url, which you can easily get from the site of the video you want to embed. Build your full unique video site with ease. For example a niche web site with only pet, funny, or music videos. The possibilities are without any limit. Only you choose the content of your site and your users are able take part at your site by voting the videos, adding your site to a social bookmark site, sending your video urls to a friend or reporting you not playing videos. This php video embed script is ideally to build a standalone video site or to add it as popular content to your existing website.

  • Cost: $79.00
  • Version: 1.0