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TOff is a utility that can be very handy for those wishing to leave their computer unattended for some time before automatically turning it off. TOff can turn off your computer (or hibernate, when possible) at a certain day and time, with the seconds discrepancy. TOff can shutdown almost every Windows operating system that has Advanced Power Management (APM) enabled, and also provides a log for the last operation to confirm shut-off times. The source code for this application is also available for download.

  • Cost: Free
  • Platforms: Windows
JavaScript : Development Software

Scripts Encryptor (ScrEnc)

Visit Scripts Encryptor (ScrEnc)

ScrEnc provides tools to encrypt your JavaScript/JScript, C/C++/MFC scripts before posting them online, or for distribution, preserving full functionality of the script but making them very hard to read. ScrEnc can also decrypt previously encrypted scripts into fully readable source code files, including files encrypted with Windows Script Encoder. ScrEnc also provides other useful features designed to facilitate your code scripts development such as conversion of Windows to Unix text file formats.

  • Cost: Trial/$9.99
  • Version: 2.0
  • Platforms: Windows
JavaScript : Web Sites

Interactive DHTML

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Interactive DHTML Art Demos are computer generated visual animations, JavaScript interactive experimentations, source-code demos and other advanced visual effects written in JavaScript, VML, and Direct Animation. The scripts are OutlookExpress compatible, therefore may be used to animate e-mail, create mail-art and stationery. An 'open source' button is available for you to copy-n-paste and play with the scripts. The website organizes the DHTML scripts into categories from 2D, 3D, VML, Images, DA, and text.

  • Cost: Free
  • Platforms: IE5.5+
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Visit MyPDF

MyPDF allows the creation of reports from data stored in a MySQL database. This is a very common need of businesses and organizations; Monthly sales reports, reports of employee hiring, reports of purchases from an online store, etc. For online databases, there is no more common method of data storage than MySQL, and for report presentation, there is no more desired format than PDF. Create summaries of your data, sub-reports, calculations, calculations of calculations, sorts, and filters. Then save your report layout and display it as a PDF.

  • Cost: $5.00
  • Version: 2.3
  • Platforms: All