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Image RollNow!

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Image RollNow! allows to create image roll overs and buttons for your webpage easily. RollNow! generates all the JavaScript code so you don't need to write it yourself anymore. Just some clicks and your roll over will be ready to go. You can preview your roll over at any moment to fit it to your needs, customize images linking to urls and don't worry about image loading, the generated code will preload them for smoother animations. Image RollNow! will save your JavaScript code to a *.js file so you won't need to write any code yourself.

  • Cost: $19.95
  • Version: 1.2
  • Platforms: Windows
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WSN Guest

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Allows guests to register an account as they sign, so they can edit their entry later. Includes member system, usergroup permissions, backup utility, and most importantly the ability to add as many custom fields as you desire. Allows members and guests to comment on each other's entries. Includes sorting and search features. Option to require validation by admin, and to set maximum and minimum lengths for submissions. All language and HTML is customizable through the administrative interface, and importing and exporting languages is simple.

  • Cost: Free/$10.00
  • Version: 1.01