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Team Remote ASP Debugger

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Team Remote ASP Debugger enables your team to easily edit and debug Active Server Pages ( ASP ) both remotely and locally. VBScript debugging and JavaScript debugging (including JScript) is fully supported for simple and complex local, remote and team remote debugging scenarios. With this easy-to-use JavaScript Debugger and VBscript Debugger for ASP you can: debug VBScript, debug JavaScript ( Jscript ), expression evaluation, set breakpoints, clear breakpoints, step in / out / over, variable watch, and advanced "GET" and "POST" form debugging.

  • Cost: $33.88
  • Platforms: Win2000/XP/2003
ASP : Scripts and Programs : Content Management

ASP Content Management

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Content management solution based on IIS, ASP, and MS Access. Add, edit, and update all pages with a web-based WYSIWYG page editor. Edit site colors, titles, fonts, menu titles, and menu colors with the web-based administrator. Includes a free guestbook module. Very easy to setup and use. Simply unzip all files, edit the path to the database and you have a complete, easy to customize website that is ready to go. Asp Content Management is open-source with GPL license. You may register your email address on the site to receive update notices.

  • Cost: Free (GPL)
  • Version: 1.0
  • Platforms: Windows NT/2000/ XP/2003
PHP : Scripts and Programs : Polls and Voting

Vote! Pro

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Vote Pro 4.0 is powerful voting solution for your web site. Unbelievable functions will give your work special comfort. It's intended to provide complete, flexible and fully-functional voting engine for any type of web site. Full skins (templates) support. Create, edit, save copy and enjoy your own design profiles. Full and poweful control over the data. Multi-page surveys, questions and answers. Protected MySQL database data storage. Smart Intellectual Core. Powerful web-based survey and questions editor. Works with all domain names.

  • Cost: $24.00
  • Version: 4.0
  • Platforms: All
PHP : Scripts and Programs : Traffic Management


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I-Faker sends as many unique hits a day as your server can handle. Using PHP, it routes HTTP get requests through a massive list of anonymous proxy servers which can be defined by you. Even banners on your site get impressions. It is not only a fake hit generator, but it can in conjunction with the alexa tracker improve your alexa rankings. All the traffic sent by the fake traffic PHP script is unique and shows up as unique in your website and server stats. The script can be configured to run for as long as you wish.

  • Cost: $47.00 - $117.00
  • Platforms: Linux, Unix, IIS