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Gnews Publisher Advanced Ed.

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Run your own news and articles using this successful application. GNews Publisher will take all control over your content management and will give you comfort of desktop editing tools. You may write and publish your company news, announcements and press releases easily. RSS output function will help you to promote your writings. Membership based commenting system will help you to beware of negative impact on reviews. Also system supports multi-user editorial stuff. Focus of Gnews is depending on hours of development process and 5 years of experience on usage. Most of other applications allows you to manage on a single deep of category, but in fact it is not a good way of online publishing. Always you need to eliminate your content and must publish high value content to put on top. Gnews is a miracle software that can display all your content in a hierarchy.

  • Cost: $104.95
  • Version: 8
  • Platforms: Windows 2000/2003