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Recursive File/Folder Upload Manager

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Very easy to use and install DHTML/ASP based File Manager for IIS/ASP Servers. Provided is the full Upload Manager component that handles file uploads via the browser with real-time progress bar displaying the progress of the file upload. Interactively upload, download, copy, delete, rename files and folders and more. Exclusive ActiveX Control built in also included which allows you to select multiple files from one window to upload or recursively upload an entire folder. Set limits of the number of files per upload as well as total upload size.

  • Cost: $129.00
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Platforms: Windows
General : Tools and Utilities

Mailer4u Desktop Edition

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Cut the code from Mailer4u and insert it into your website. Visitors interested in your newsletter automatically add themselves to your list. Users also automatically unsubscribe-no intervention from you required. When you want to send your Newsletter upload it to Mailer4u and hit send and your complete database will be mailed. Up to 500 emails per month are Free, then a tiered subscription will enable larger volumes. Mailer4u charges are 1500 Percent cheaper than some competitors. Monitor your compain statistics to track success.

  • Cost: Free / Varies
PHP : Scripts and Programs : E-Commerce

BugMall Shopping Cart

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BugMall Shopping Cart includes everything you need to create, run, and manage a profitable online store. BugMall Shopping Cart is a Web Commerce infrastructure you can outsource, one that lets you focus on the things you really need to. It is highly customizable yet easy-to-use web site content management system with sophisticated transaction management capability. BugMall Shopping Cart helps growing businesses boost their bottom line with easy-to-use features. BugMall Shopping Cart designed to work with BugInvoicing Web Based Billing system.

  • Cost: $600.00 or $60.00/mo
  • Version: 3.2.9
PHP : Scripts and Programs : Miscellaneous

BugHotel Reservation System

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BugHotel is a complete hotel booking written in PHP which uses the Internet to "network" your corporate office to each of your hotels. It allows end users, travel agents and booking agents to log on to your website and enter real-time reservations. In addition, BugHotel Reservation System will automatically check and charge deposits on credit cards without any hotel staff intervention. You control how many rooms are available through your website, all without losing those rooms from your general availability.

  • Cost: $2000.00
  • Version: 5.0.85
  • Platforms: Cross Platform (Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac, Sun, etc...)