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Simple ASP Authentication System

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This article describes how you can secure ASP applications using simple, but quite effective authentication schemes. This article uses a very simple way to achieve this. Just follow the steps and you have a secure login system. The steps include: Create a table of users; Set the default authentication status; Create a login page; Create the system DSN for the database; Create an authentication page; Check the authentication status. The tutorial is targeted towards new users. The database and the code is kept simple so you can learn from it.

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Introduction to Active Server Pages

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This article gives you an overview and introduction to Microsoft ASP (Active Server Pages). Broad topics it covers is an introduction to ASP, how files are interpreted with ASP, using scripts to extend ASP, Components and Objects, potential drawbacks with ASP, and sample code in ASP. This article also shows a table of ASP components and Objects which include: Request Object; Response Object, Server Object; Application Object; Session Object; Text Object; Error Object; Dictionary Object; File System Object; Content Linking; and Active Database.

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ASP : Tutorials

ASP Tutorial for Beginners

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This tutorial provides much information for beginner programmers trying to learn ASP. Topics include: What are Active Server Pages? Displaying Date, Time and Text; Using variables and forms; program flow control; loops; Subroutines and include/virtual; Session and Application methods; Dictionary Object; Cookies; Open Read and Create files; Introduction to Global.asa; Using ASP and JavaScript together; Using arrays; and Displaying pictures from an ASP file. Also includes an Active Server Pages Server-Side Scripting Programmer's Reference.

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An index of ASP frequently asked questions (FAQ). The ASP FAQs are broken down by category which include: Application Object; Arrays; ASP.NET; Cookies; Databases Errors; General Databases; Database Queries; Dates and Times; Email; FileSystemObject; Forms; Functions and Subroutines; Getting Started with ASP; Math Functions; Networking; Regular Expressions; Security; Session Object; The Nature of Things which deal with the fundamental nature of ASP and other FAQs that do not fit in any other category; Uploading; and XML. Includes 10 most FAQs.

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ASP from A to Z

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This article provides an easy way to find information that pertains to ASP, including a short definition of what ASP is, how ASP works, and an alphabetical list of terms and tips that relate to ASP. In the A-to-Z list, you will see a brief description as well as pertinent links to more detailed information (when that information is available). Topics include: Applications; Bottlenecks; Browser Connection; Buffering; C++; Caching; Client-Side Scripts; COM Object Debugging; Components; Connections; Cookie Munger; CPU; and Data Access Components.

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ASP Installation Tutorial

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The aim in this article is to give the basic and necessary knowledge on ASP script customization and basics on databases even for a non-programmer. In the following chapters they will guide you through step by step procedures, so that you can expertise yourself on the following topics: Know thy basics; Environment; Databases; Downloading and unzipping; Preparing the Web server; FTP how to; Setting up the database; DSN and DSN less connections; Setting up scripts and customizing; Using templates; COM and dll registeration; ASP for non-Windows.

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General : Web Design

Divin X Design

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Their goal is to provide superior quality products and services to their customers at a sensible price. In doing so they provide solutions for every web development project ranging from a personal site to a fully functional e-commerce store. The knowledge of their team members includes, ASP, PHP, MySql, SQL Server, Flash, ActionScript, HTML, and many more. These technologies combined with their competitive prices make them a good choice for you web development needs.

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JavaScript : Tutorials

JavaScript Tips and Tricks

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A small collection of popular simple tips and tricks to be used in JavaScript. Examples include: Keep background fixed when pages scrolls; Call more than one function from an event; Make window pop under; Set window size; Set window position; Make window come to front; Stop window from losting focus; Scroll to top of page with JavaScript link; Bring window to front periodically; Prevent page being captured in frameset; Redirect page with or without JavaScript; Reload page at given time interval; Put scrollbar on left side instead of right.

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Remotely Hosted : Scripts and Programs

Web Poll Central

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Free polls with many exclusive features, such as random polls, ip logging and customizable design. Easy implementation using JavaScript invocation. Key features include: No HTML knowlegde needed; Unlimited Polls; Unlimited votes; Up to 9 options; Various presentation formats; Fits in your current design; Ability to have a random poll. The polls are free to use because they cover their costs by placing advertisements with the polls.

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  • Version: 2.0
  • Platforms: All