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Use PortalApp to deploy sites that manage content, users, membership, articles, events, news, links, listings, forums, files, advertising, images, faq's, downloads, surveys, e-commerce and more. The full source code is provided, so functionality and design is 100 percent customizable. All site content, layout and styles are managed via a browser-based control panel (ACP). This means the site is easily maintained by you or your clients. Unlike "Web site builders" or "wizards" that generate static Web sites, PortalApp is a ready-to-run site.

  • Cost: Free/$389.00
  • Version: 3.0
  • Platforms: Windows IIS 4+
ASP : Tutorials

Web Based MSSQL Server Management

Visit Web Based MSSQL Server Management

MSSQL Server has many System Stored Procedures that extend ANSI-compliant SQL and allow you to do just about anything through T-SQL. Some of the more interesting procedures are called Catalog Procedures. Think of these as meta-procedures that give you information about the type of information that is inside databases. This tutorial shows how, with ASP, you can use certain system stored procedures (SSPs) to develop a lightweight web-based database management system for your databases when Enterprise Manager is not available.

  • Cost: Free
JavaScript : Scripts and Programs : Security

Screaming No-Right-Click Script

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A memorable experience for Internet Explorer users who right-click on your page. This script opens a popup window that flies around the screen, loudly screaming. Worse, you cannot shut the screamer up without following a specific instruction to do so. (Default behaviors for non-IE browsers also included within the script.) This script is very easy to install, even for newcomers to JavaScript. The script is provided as a downloadable kit in a zip file, with simple instructions, sample code, and the required sound file included in the download.

  • Cost: Free
  • Platforms: All
JavaScript : Tutorials

Weborum JavaScript Tutorials

Visit Weborum JavaScript Tutorials

Javascript is a client side technology that allows webmasters to add many functional and "cool" features to websites. Weborum's JavaScript tutorials is a growing knowledgebase frequented by many advanced programmers available to also answer questions on implementing a particular script in the archive. Popular scripts include simple display time and date on a page, popup control, the amazing earthquake script which causes a user's browser to literally shake, hexidecimal colour chart, back button history, pop-up script, set page as homepage.

  • Cost: Free
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PPC Search Engine Script

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PPCSearch is a pay per click search engine script written in PHP based on Stilbite affiliate program which offers 40% commission on bidded amounts. It parses the XML ourput of Stilbite, and displays in a user friendly format with bold keywords. The script gives numerous customization options including headers and footers on each page, your own logos, categories, style sheets, and how search results are displayed. Allows you to configure options such as number of results per page, your affiliate ID, and other variables.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 2.01
  • Platforms: All