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In this introduction, you will understand the motivation behind WPF, learn the syntax of XAML, examine the core programming model, and survey several WPF services. You will overview the WPF support provided by Visual Studio and Expression Blend. This WPF tutorial has numerous objectives: Understand the motivation behind WPF; Examine the various flavors of WPF applications; Overview the services provided by WPF; Examine the core WPF assemblies and namespaces; Work with the Window and Application class types; Learn the syntax of XAML; Understand the XAML / code relationship; Survey the core WPF control types; Review the WPF control programming model; Learn to position controls using layout managers; Understand the role of WPF control commands; Understand the scope of the WPF documents API; Distinguish between fixed documents and flow documents; Populate a document with in-line and block elements; Work with the WPF document APIs.

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