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AWS FilePicker

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AWS FilePicker is a free ASP.Net web control that lets users navigate through a folder on the server and select a file. The user can also upload files to the folder, create subfolders, and copy/move/delete files and folders. Includes Picture preview mode. In many ways, FilePicker emulates the "Open File" dialog in Windows applications. This new version has an attractive new interface and lots of useful features: pictures preview, bulk file upload, multilingual interface and more. This free control includes source code.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 2.0
  • Platforms: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
JavaScript : Scripts and Programs : Miscellaneous

Valdersoft Flexible Table

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Flexible Table is a unique JavaScript class used to build tables in Windows applications such as MS Excel. Allow to resize columns width using "Drag To Resize" method, set columns and rows templates to format table data and parse existed data. Features: Generate formated tables like in Windows Applications; Allow to resize columns width; Quick and easy table setup; Using Rows and Columns Templates; Easy to add table records; Using Pure JavaScript, No Server Side or ActiveX components. Flexible, handiness, familiar looking.

  • Cost: $24.95
  • Version: 1.0
  • Platforms: Internet Explorer 5.5+
PHP : Scripts and Programs : E-Commerce

Valdersoft Shopping Cart

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Valdersoft Shopping Cart is ready to use out-of-the-box e-commerce solution, that allow you to open your successfully business and to sell products online on whole the world. Shopping Cart include many features like built-in HTML editor, allow to quick and easy add new products to database, good looking store design, famous online payment systems like 2CheckOut and PayPal, powerful and functional web-based administration program with thought-out user interface in MS Windows style. Valdersoft Shopping Cart creates its contents "on the fly".

  • Cost: $189.00
  • Version: 3.0
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux, Unix
Perl : Scripts and Programs : Development Tools

SannySoft Perl Editor

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SannySoft Perl Editor is a fully integrated developer environment. It has various number of features which makes writing, editing and debugging Perl scripts easier. It has Code Explorer which gives ability to quickly jump to any place of the script. Autoformatter will automatically format your script. You can create CGI scripts in minutes using Quick CGI Wizard. Other features: Customizable syntax highlighting; Subroutine navigator; POD Viewer; Find closing bracket function; Block indent/outdent; AutoReplace; HTML output highlight; Watches.

  • Cost: Trial/$44.95
  • Version: 2.0
  • Platforms: Windows
Visual Basic : Development Software


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TierDeveloper is an object to relational mapping (O/R mapping) code generator that lets you develop extremely high performance.NET applications in record time. TierDeveloper lets you map and generate.NET business and data objects, ASP.NET apps, and Windows Forms apps. With TierDeveloper, cut down your development time by 50 to 70 percent depending on your application. Generate business and data access objects Use your own domain objects and generate persistence code for them Generate ASP.NET and Windows Forms applications Customize existing templates or write new ones with a Template IDE Ensure high performance by generating NCache integrated code.

  • Cost: $395.00+
  • Version: 5.0
  • Platforms: Windows NT/2000/XP