General : Scripts and Programs


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The easiest way to share files for home or office. This tiny download allows you to share photos, music, videos, and business files with anyone you choose. BadBlue is a tiny, secure, web-server that supports searching, sharing, photo album thumbnails, separate user folders, and will even convert your Office files (Access, Excel and Word) into HTML on-the-fly for easy publishing and sharing. BadBlue is also a full-fledged, powerful web server that will let you learn and deploy web applications like PHP or Perl.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 2.43
  • Platforms: Windows
General : Web Sites


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As a leading provider of integrated solutions, Webzone provide online tools and training to create a positive experience for their customers and clients. Recent projects have included everything from the architecture, design, development and hosting of sites for governmental agencies to the design of simple brochure websites. Webzone also manage, maintain, host and upgrade sites for corporate clients, large and small. Over the last four years, Webzone have developed in excess of over 200 websites.

  • Cost: Varies
Java : Applets : News Publishing

Advanced News Scroll Java Applet

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A highly configurable vertical text scroller and java ticker features smooth scrolling, highlighted URL links, optional border, background image, and more. Content can be loaded from parameters or a separate text file. Advanced news scroll java applet is a professional, useful, flexible and well documented java news scroller. The look and feel of the news scroller can be configured with applet's parameters. The documentation of the applet guides you through the setup process.

  • Cost: Free/$39.00
  • Version: 2.0