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Flash Livehelp

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Add the human element to your site with Flash Livehelp to increase your customer service. In addition to the Livehelp Administrator you will receive a Flash web client(swf) which you can post on your web site and/or web auctions plus a Flash desktop client(exe) which can be distributed to customers, clients, family and friends via CD, download or email. This system allows you to chat in real time. Comes with the administrator (respond to incoming messages from your desktop), the web client, desktop client, and server scripts written in PHP.

  • Cost: $39.00
  • Version: 1.0
  • Platforms: Windows
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Geo-Ads PHP

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Geo-Ads PHP geo-targets your ads so your foreign traffic sees them in their own language. Geo-Ads PHP is a user-friendly ad management program that lets you show visitors from around the world targeted ads instead of domestic ads they'll never click on. Geo-Ads PHP comes in 3 different versions; a simple no frills version, a middle of the road feature version and a fully featured version with full statistical tracking and advanced database usage requiring MySQL. Stop wasting bandwidth and start showing foreign surfers ads in their own language.

  • Cost: $25.00 - $65.00
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Webmatic is a system for the dynamic creation (directly online) of your website. With the webmatic control panel (editor) it is possible to manage all the contents of a whole website. You can: Create and manage a newsletter; Create and manage the news for your website; Create and manage the F.A.Q. section; Create a page with the horoscope; Create and manage a search engine; Create a page for users registration; Differentiate the access level in the website for the users; Create online survey; Create one or more forums; Multilingual options.

  • Cost: $24.90
  • Version: 1.7
  • Platforms: Unix / Windows