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Introduction to ColdFusion MX is an introductory ColdFusion class for Web designers who are new to ColdFusion. Advanced ColdFusion MX covers advanced topics such as security, scripting, debugging and ColdFusion components. XML and Web Services for ColdFusion Developers teaches ColdFusion developers everything they need to know about XML. Comparing ColdFusion, ASP.NET, JavaServer Pages, and PHP is a seminar-style course that discusses the advantages and disadvantages of ColdFusion, ASP.NET, JSP and PHP. Each class has varying prerequisites.

  • Cost: Varies
Flash : Tutorials

Flash Training Classes

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Introduction to Macromedia Flash MX 2004 provides a comprehensive introduction to the newly released Flash MX 2004. The training class assumes no prior knowledge of Flash or Web design. Advanced Macromedia Flash MX 2004 with ActionScript 2 teaches how to program in ActionScript 2 to make Flash sites more interactive and dynamic. The training class assumes basic knowledge of Flash MX 2004. Advanced Development with Macromedia Flash MX Professional 2004 teaches how to build rich internet applications with Macromedia Flash MX Professional 2004.

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General : Web Design


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Sythix provides small businesses with the web services needed to reach outstanding success in the internet marketplace. They provide web hosting, web design, web programming, and web marketing for clients. Sythix strives to provide unique web sites and programs for businesses that need a solution that acurrately fits their business model. Web hosting plans range from standard, professional, and enterprise with varying hard drive space and transfer. Sythix will help you generate revenue, build your company's image, and reduce cost and save time.

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Java : Tutorials

Java Training Classes

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Introduction to Java for New Programmers begins with the basics of Java and Object-oriented programming and covers advanced topics such as exception handling and interacting with databases. Migrating from Java to C# with ASP.NET is a rapid introduction to ASP.NET with C# for experienced Java developers. XML for Java Developers introduces Java developers to XML and Web Services. The training class targets developers who are already familiar with Java. Includes: XML for Java Developers; Introduction to JavaServer Pages; Advanced JSP.

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JavaScript : Tutorials

JavaScript Training Classes

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Introduction to JavaScript covers the basics of using JavaScript to make web sites more dynamic and functional. Topics covered include form validation, opening new windows, and image rollovers. The training class targets Web designers and developers who are familiar with HTML. Advanced JavaScript covers advanced techniques such as using regular expressions for more advanced form validation, setting and reading cookies, creating objects, and some basic Dynamic HTML techniques. The training class assumes a basic knowledge of JavaScript.

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PHP : Scripts and Programs : Open Directory Project


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This application allows dynamic integration of all content provided by the Open Directory Project ( onto your website, with high-quality images and content such as those used by the most important search engines and Internet portals (Netscape, AOL, Lycos, Google and many others), without having to increase your technological resources. All you need to do is to upload the files to your server and change the template and style sheet to adapt the Directory to your own "look and feel". Dmoz is the largest Web Directory in existence.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 2.0
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux