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Time Tracking

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TimeTracking is a web based time tracking application. It allows you and your team to enter time spend on different task while working. Here are some of the highlights: Web based solution, perfect for remote access from a web interface. Using only a browser, you and your team can keep track of time spent; 3 simple way to fill time sheets: punch in/punch out, time intervals and time span; View daily and monthy overviews of worked time; Reports per project, client or team member; Manage clients, reports and teams; Monitor and track time, location and PC monitors from where the timesheets were entered. Time Tracking is installed on your site and on your server. So the data is confidential and secure on your end. None should know your or your business time sheets, protect your secrets. It was tested and used by people that are not highly skilled in using the PC and it turned out that it has an increase usability.

  • Cost: Trial / $59.00+
  • Version: 1.1
  • Platforms: Linux, Windows, Mac OS X