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NewCyberTech, Inc. is a Website Design, Website Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Networking Support, Computer Repair, Trouble Shooting, and Internet Shopping Service located in Parkersburg, West Virginia, providing professional services to Commercial Businesses, the World Wide Web, and the General Public. Free website building tools, Web Hosting, Free Animations, Web Templates, Webmaster Blog, Webmaster Forum, Free Software, Free Article Publishing, Webmaster Chat, Internet Shopping and more. Webmaster Resources, Web Site Promotion, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design and Profit.

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HTML : Tutorials

Getting Started with HTML

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This is a short introduction to writing HTML. Many people still write HTML by hand using tools such as NotePad on Windows, or SimpleText on the Mac. This guide will get you up and running. Even if you don't intend to edit HTML directly and instead plan to use an HTML editor such as Netscape Composer, or W3C's Amaya, this guide will enable you to understand enough to make better use of such tools and how to make your HTML documents accessible on a wide range of browsers. Learn how to add a touch of style using CSS, and advanced HTML.

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This tutorial is for anyone who is serious about learning HTML. Perhaps you want your own web page, or an entire web site. Perhaps you're setting up a web site for your business or organization. You do not need any prior experience in making web pages to take this course, although they will assume you know how to do some basic things with your computer, like use a word processor. This tutorial is a "hands on" tutorial, you get to test your new HTML skills immediately after you learn them, chapter by chapter within your web browser.

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Introduction to HTML

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This is not a complete coverage of the entirety of HTML, it doesn't even cover all of HTML 2.0. This tutorial is intended as an introduction to HTML and nothing more. You will not know everything there is to know about HTML when you reach the end of the tutorial, but you will know enough to create a perfectly respectable Web page or five. Topics include: Document Tags such as HTML, head, title, body, comment tags; Basic Text Structures such as headings, paragaph, line break, blockquote; Lists; Special Effect Tags; Anchors; Images; Tag summary.

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Writing HTML

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This HTML tutorial includes many lessons. It starts with HTML 101, how the web works. It also discusses basic tags for formatting pages to HTML 2.0 standards. These codes will make your pages viewable to the widest audience range. Modify and enhance your web pages with features available in HTML 3.2. Also includes moving your web pages into the future with HTML 4.0 features and then some. Topics include: Modifying an HTML Document, Preformatted Text, Special Characters, Definition Lists, Address Footers and E-Mail Links, and targeting windows.

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This site contains numerous tutorials written for beginners to advanced HTML developers. If you are just starting your HTML career, have a look through the two starting off sections, if you want more specific tutorials check out the lessons, and if you're well versed in the art of HTML you should read the Advanced tutorials. The site also includes HTML Reference charts. Beginning topics include lessons on text, images, tables, frames, forms, and stylesheets. Advanced lesons include accessiblity, promotion, optimization.

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Java : Tutorials

Learn Working in Java

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Find all information needed to learn working in java, understand how to code in java, how to design your program, understand classes and more. This website discusses programming problems, why they are problems, and the approach Java has taken to solve them. Topics include: Introduction to Java; Introduction to objects; Controlling program flow; Initialization and cleanup; Hiding the implementation; Reusing classes; Polymorphism; Holding your objects; Error handling with exceptions; The Java IO system; Creating windows and applets.

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JavaScript : Scripts and Programs : Date and Time

Flexible JavaScript Date Display

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Use this script to display today's date on your web page. The format can be set to show or not show the day with the date; and the color, size, style, and face of the font can be set in the script. The Javascript snippets also allows you to set the separator between the date elements.

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Remotely Hosted : Scripts and Programs

Live 2 Support

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CRM (customer relation management) solution for live chat providing live help & support for sales and support response, real time visitor monitoring, proactive chat invitation, hits counter, operator multiple chat, chat transfer, Pro Active POP-UP etc. Improve sales on your website because you can chat live one to one with your customers, offer your special promos, resolve queries in real time and close sales. Support multiple customers at the same time, this reduces cost and improves response time.

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