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W3Schools HTML Tutorial

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In this tutorial you will learn how to use HTML to create your own Web site. Topics covered include: HTML basics; HTML & WWW; HTML Introduction; HTML Elements; HTML Basic Tags; HTML Formatting; HTML Entities; HTML Links; HTML Frames; HTML Tables; HTML Lists; HTML Forms; HTML Images; HTML Backgrounds; Advanced HTML; HTML Layout; HTML Fonts; HTML 4.0 Why; HTML Styles; HTML Head; HTML Meta; HTML URLs; HTML Scripts; HTML Webserver; HTML References; HTML Quick List; HTML Tag List; HTML attributes; HTML events; HTML ASCII; HTML colors; and HTML HTTP.

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HTML Primer

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These tutorials are set up so you can move through them over a week's time. They teach you the very basics. If you know nothing about HTML, this is where you start. Topics include an introduction, tags, manipulation text, linking pages, images, manipulating images, and some hints on choosing an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Specifically you will learn how to place HTML tags so you can begin manipulating text, learn how to use tags to make text bigger, smaller or act as a header for your www pages, and learn how to link to any other page.

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HTML 101

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Their first tutorial aims to teach you plain HTML, from scratch. It would be nice if you forgot everything you knew about HTML and take a fresh look at things for this tutorial. They are going to assume that the reader of this tutorial knows nothing about creating Web pages, but has a basic familiarity with browsing the Web. Basic topics include: What is HTML? Authoring HTML documents; HTML elements; The global structure of an HTML document; Paragraph and heading elements.

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HTML Pit Stop

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Contains numerous guides and tutorials for beginners to advanced HTML developers. Topics include Getting Started with HTML: Start from the beginning and work through HTML, learn the basics such as font sizing, bold text, linking, and adding images; Advanced HTML: Learn how to use forms, music, meta tags, tables, and frames; HTML E-mail: A series of articles on how to create HTML e-mail messages; DHTML Section: Tutorials on usign cascading style sheets, Netscape layers, and resources. Also includes a complete tutorial list, and html links.

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JavaScript : Scripts and Programs : Image Effects

Random Image Script

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Use this script to randomly display a different image each time that the page is visited. Any number of images can be used, and set-up is very easy. An image will be chosen at random and displayed each time by the script. Remember this is a random choice, so it's possible for the same image to appear a number of times in succession. The more images you use, the less possibility of repetition there is. You can add as many images as you wish, just follow the pattern in the script.

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