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This Flash tutorial guides you through some of the basics. Topics include: Flash Basicss; Flash Drawing; Flash Buttons; Flash Tweenings; Flash and JavaScript. This resource also includes an FLA archive. Some of the specifics include: What is shockwave Flash? What do I need to create my own Flash movies? Learn to create Draw with Flash, explains the Flash toolbox, how to draw basic lines and shapes; Learn to create both simple buttons and advanced tell target buttons. Learn to change objects between two keyframes using Flash tweening.

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LoadedList is a full featured PHP/MySQL-based top list script. Combining all the best features available in other products, LoadedList is a highly optimized solution while still packed with features. It features easy customization of the site look using either templates or CSS while retaining XHTML compatibility; 10 different ways to rank your top list; highly advanced anti-cheating measures; lost password function; statistics that are not-reset based so that both current and previous stats are retained; approval base, vote logging, and more!

  • Cost: $55.00
  • Version: 1.10
  • Platforms: Linux, Unix, Windows