ASP : Scripts and Programs : Guestbooks


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A fully functional database driven ASP application developed by It can be used as a Guest Book, Product Review or Customer Comment application. Its web based admin panel gives the administrator full control over entries and settings. Easy to install on any PWS or IIs server. No 3rd party components required. Features include a bad word filter, custom emoticons, admin section allows you to change most of the applications settings. There is no need for coding. Runs straight out of the ZIP.

  • Cost: $17.00 - $70.00
  • Version: 1.0
ASP : Scripts and Programs : Image Galleries


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View and manage your images anytime, anywhere with just a browser. ClickGallery is fully functional Active Server Pages (ASP) web album application that is easily incorporated into any existing web site that supports ASP. Features Create galleries; Edit galleries; Delete galleries; Browse galleries; Search galleries; Upload images; Add image descriptions; Edit image descriptions; Delete images; Display full image details; Auto thumbnails; Full view images; Download images; Download image counter. Does not require a database.

  • Cost: $29.95
  • Version: 2.0
  • Platforms: Windows
ASP : Scripts and Programs : Site Navigation


FlexMenu.NET is an dynamic menu building solution. It automatically detects and renders a tailored DHTML menu for Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 to 6, Netscape Navigator 4 to 7, Opera 5, 6 and Mozilla/Gecko based browsers run on Windows, Mac and Linux. Features include: horizontal or vertical orientation of FlexMenu; Hierarchical Highlighting - The parent items remain highlighted while the nested menu groups expand; Leverages .NET's managed execution (memory management, automatic garbage collection and type-safety).

  • Cost: Free
  • Platforms: WinNT
General : Online Communities


Free posting for projects and freelance professionals. A PPC Search Engine and resources for freelancer and company. Categories includes Programming and Software Development, Web Design, Graphic Design, Administrative Support, Accounting and Finance, Writing and Translation, Multimedia, Typing and Data Entry. Sites includes PPC Search Engine for Freelancer and Companies. Signup free to get 2 dollars for bidding. Resources for Webmaster, and e-Martketplace listing over 10, 000 downloadables products, and books recommendation.

  • Cost: Free
General : Scripts and Programs


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Biferno is a new object-oriented, HTML embedded, scripting language for web development. The high-level built-in classes, with their powerful methods and properties, make the code very clean and easy to mantain. Biferno is an open-source, cross-platform project for Linux, Windows, MacOSX and Classic and with the help of other programmers can be recompiled on other operating systems. Biferno has a plug-in architecture that makes the language completely and easely extensible through internal and external classes. Enanchements in this version include: 64-bit linux and ipv6 compatibility; Apache 2.2 module; New class to obtain stack description (StackItem); MacOSX Cocoa System Preference Panel; New customizable debug error page; Multiple email notifies on error; Better formatted log files Tabasoft has also added a Forum to his website in order to help developer communicating and helping each other.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 1.3
  • Platforms: Linux, MacOSX, Windows
General : Tools and Utilities

Cresotech PocketSafe

Visit Cresotech PocketSafe

Cresotech PocketSafe provides the comfortable management and secure storage of passwords, nicknames, credit card, bank account and document data as well as other confidential information. The records in database are stored encrypted and password-protected. The mobile world requires mobile solutions with data confidentiality protected: PocketSafe gives you this full protection. PocketSafe allows you to secure important data of 8 basic types: a specific template for each particular type makes data entry more convenient.

  • Cost: $19.00
  • Version: 1.31
  • Platforms: Windows CE 3.0
PHP : Scripts and Programs : Content Management


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Xaraya is an Open Source extensible content management system. The system allows on-the-fly extensions to the content and user areas which allow greater control and versatility. Coupled with a XSLT style template engine with complete templating of output gives Xaraya unmatched versatility. Version .9.1.3 is a major release enhancement for the Xaraya system. Many new feature have been added to the module functionality (such as a Scheduler and Work Flow modules), as well as reworked concepts such as the multi-language system.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: .9.1.3
  • Platforms: All